3 Marketing Predictions That Have Proved True in 2015

In today’s blog we’ll look at three 2014 predictions have proved true this year so far. From original video content to marketing in real time.

The first prediction we are going to discuss is one that regular readers will already know proved to be true this year due to our previous post, The Year of Video. So, what is it exactly that experts predicted in 2014 that was proved well-and-truly correct this year? In 2014 experts predicted that the popularity of original video content would continue to rise due to the huge success experienced by brands such as Red Bull, Samsung and GoPro and we can say with complete clarity that yes, yes it has. The relentless power that video holds has been received well by both advertisers and users and there seems to be no signs of the trend dying off anytime soon. With a 50% increase in direct video content uploads to Facebook from January through to May this year alone, and rising, all signs point to a spike in popularity for original video content continuing for some time. With YouTube’s firm hold on video content slowly slipping, critics have been quick to criticise the accuracy of Facebook’s video statistics and the value of original video content uploads – haters going to hate.

Another Prediction that proved to be true and a no-brainer for most brands in 2015, is a generous mobile marketing strategy. Why is a strong mobile strategy a no-brainer? Put simply, more traffic comes from mobile than any other device, including desktop. A study released by Coca-Cola and Mobile Marketing Association revealed that brands can achieve major progress in the performance of their campaign by assigning between 8% – 15% of their budget to mobile. Giving 8% of your budget to mobile will generate 7% of the overall profit whilst 15% will generate 16% of overall profit. Whoa. Furthermore, users are more likely to visit a mobile-friendly site than a non-mobile-friendly site and Google looks favourably on sites that are mobile friendly. So if you’re not tapping into the incredible advantage a solid mobile strategy can provide your company with, why not?

Last but certainly not least, Real-Time Marketing continues to prove itself as a highly effective tool for businesses who are able to harness it correctly. Real time marketing sees company’s capitalise on world events and pop culture. Being up to date with the happenings-of-the-world gives brands relevance and says to users “We are in the know…” and in turn users will look to them as a reliable source of information and by extension site traffic will increase and additionally, sales. Key examples of real-time marketing include, viral hashtags, live tweeting events, quick response to cultural events and more.

So If you were ever doubting whether these so-called ‘experts’ you often hear about really know what they’re talking about – the proof is in the pudding.