Three Simple Ways to Rekindle Your Friendship with Google

Do you have a tumultuous relationship with Google? Have you drifted apart after many years of friendship and first page rankings? The ups and downs of any working relationship can have a huge strain on business and test the very foundations of your company. With the latest Phantom Update it’s important now more than ever improve your relationship with Google.

Google is a fickle friend who knows how to hold a grudge. If you fail to live up to its high standards, you may find yourself all alone with an algorithmic or manual penalty. There are many reasons why you could be experiencing a rocky patch or have gotten off on the wrong foot. These are just a few examples of what you may have done to upset your search engine buddies.

Over Optimisation

Don’t push the friendship. There is nothing that annoys Google more than cramming your content with keywords. This makes it sound spammy and unnatural. Take it nice and slow, include keywords but try not to go overboard. Google scares easily.

Unreliable Links

You wouldn’t recommend a dodgy restaurant to a friend, so why would you recommend dodgy websites to Google? Linking is crucial for rankings but under no circumstances should they connect with risky sites or be hidden on your page. Try to avoid too much ‘inner linking’ through keywords and if you do include sponsored hyperlinks, ensure that they are ‘no follow’ links.

Sloppy content

Google has high expectations for its friends. Poor grammar and spelling are an instant deal breaker. Your website should not only read well but make sense. Never hide, overlap or duplicate your content. Be your own person. Don’t try to be anyone else, Google will love you just the way you are (as long as you do absolutely everything it wants).

An SEO agent can be the best relationship counsellor for businesses that have fallen out with their favourite search engine. They can identify where things went wrong and how to repair the friendship. An SEO company will help you move forward in your relationship and enjoy the many perks of being besties with Google.