3 Types Of Facebook Ads That You Need To Know About

Most of us use Facebook – there are 1.32 billion daily active users on average for June 2017 according to Facebook Newsroom. That’s a lot of users! Getting your brand, product or service in front of targeted customers is made easy by users updating information in their profiles (such as age, gender, interests) and also their activity (‘liking’ and ‘following’ certain other brands – probably your competitors). Facebook Ads might seem pesky, but well-constructed and strategically placed ones can be a very efficient string in your online marketing bow. Here we look at 3 formats that we have found are working well for our clients in driving relevant traffic and driving up conversions.

Carousel Ads

This interactive format allows you to display up to 10 images or products and direct users to specific pages of your site relevant to that image or product. This type of ad works very well for online retailers and ecommerce marketers as it allows your potential customers to flick through several products that may interest them.

What types of businesses can benefit from this ad type?
News and Information – send users to different pieces of news, blogs or resources
Online Retail – gifts, homewares, fashion, flowers etc
Software and Apps – display different facets of your products with a ‘download’ button call to action

Always ensure that you have high quality images that are uniform. Facebook Ads are visual, so the imagery needs to catch the eye and entice a user to scroll through and click!

Video Ads

Have you produced a video for your brand, product or service? Why not utilise it in a Facebook ad? This is a great way to promote your video because you can use all of the audience targeting capabilities that Facebook has to get it in front of the ‘right eyes’.

What types of businesses can benefit from this ad type?
All businesses! One especially good use though is for anyone that has an ‘explainer’ video.

Make sure your video is engaging and not too long! People lose interest very quickly so it must be short, sharp and to the point. Kiwis love humour, so if you can get some of that in there it’s always a bonus.

Slideshow Ads

Don’t have a video but still want to use moving images? Facebook Slideshow Ads are for you. This handy format allows you to easily put together a moving slideshow to showcase your brand, product or location.

What types of businesses can benefit from this ad type?
Real Estate – show potential buyers 5 or 6 images of the interior and exterior of a property to garner interest
Beauty, Hair and Massage – show potential customers how relaxing and serene your salon is

We recommend adding your logo onto the images for increased brand awareness. It doesn’t need to take up too much of the image and should be subtle, but getting your logo in front of more eyes never hurts!

Do you have a favourite format that’s not mentioned here? Or need help in getting your business promoted on Facebook? There’s never been a better time to get started. Call our team on 0800 878 833 for more information or to have a chat.