4 (More!) Tips To Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Last week we gave you some basic tips to help you get started in reducing your shopping cart abandonment rates. This week we’re going to give you 4 more tips or ideas that you can adopt to help bring this down even further!

Bonus Tip 1: Start Using Exit Intent Pop-Ups

An exit intent pop-up can be used by a variety of different sites (not just eCommerce ones) but they essentially pop-up with an offer or prompt when you think a user may exit your site. For retail sites, once a potential customer is going through your checkout process you can use a pop-up to entice them to complete the buying process. As mentioned in last weeks blog, finding the ‘leaky’ spots in your cart is a great place to put an exit intent pop-up. This might mention Free Shipping or provide a discount with a code in it. There is an example below from Hidrate Spark.

Bonus Tip 2: Enable Save Cart Functionality

Some people like to compare, or just sit on things and think about it before purchasing. Making sure your Cart can save an order can be vital as it means that users don’t have to find products again when they come back. This is also sometimes referred to as a ‘persistent shopping cart’. This is done by the use of Cookies that store items in the browser that a potential customer is using, however additional Save Cart functionality can be used when an existing customer is logged into their account. This will mean that if they’re researching on mobile devices or their work computer, no matter where they login when they’re ready with their credit – the products will be there ready to go!

Bonus Tip 3: Use Lay-Buy

In last weeks blog we mentioned that it’s important to offer different payment options, and Tip 3 recommends the use of Lay-Buy. We talked about After Pay last year, and Lay-Buy in NZ allows customers to receive their purchase now but pay it off in installments. This can help to increase conversion rates by making the payment of goods more manageable for the consumer. For example, 4 equal payments of $25 seems like less than a total payment of $100.

Bonus Tip 4: Automate Cart Reminder Emails

Cart reminder emails are sent to customers who have added products to their cart but have not gone on to complete their purchase. According to Get Elastic, almost half of these emails are opened by recipients. Below is an example from the large online retailer Boohoo. They use calls-to-action such as ‘Something stopping you? Contact our customer service team’, and ‘Hurry the sale price won’t last forever’. Like with Save Cart, a cookie is installed in the browser and the user needs to have an account with you and be logged in for these emails to be able to sent. Automating them saves time on manual labor and the payoffs can be huge. They’re a great way to prompt a potential customer to finalise their purchase.

Hopefully that gives you some more ideas that you can adopt to decrease your abandonment rates and increase sales! Have questions? Need help? Get in touch with our team on 0800 878 833 today. We specialise in online marketing for eCommerce and online retail.