4 Tips For Optimising Your Video

So you’ve created a video to post online. Good for you! Since you’ve put all that effort in, you should give it the best chance of appearing on Search Engine results pages. Why? If ranked highly for relevant phrases it should aid traffic and views. But how? Follow our tips below!

Pick Your Platform

Choosing where to host your video is the first thing to take into consideration. Uploading it onto your own server can clog it up if the file size is large and can also slow down your page loading speed.

YouTube and Vimeo are popular options because the platforms are easy to use and the content is easy to share. The negative with these is that traffic is sent to those websites and not your own. Once that happens, it’s easy for users to get lost looking at related videos and other content.

There are other platforms out there (such as Wistia) allow you to control how and where your videos appear and also inserts meta data for you. It is not free though however.

Do your research and make sure you look at all of the options that help you to achieve what you’re looking to achieve.

Optimise the Title and Description of your Video

Just like your meta title and description are ranking factors for content and blogs, the title and description of your video are very important on your videos. Make sure they include ‘key phrases’ that you would like it to appear for in search engines, but in a natural non-spammy way.

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Insert a Transcript

Because Search Engines can’t watch videos or see images, adding a transcript can also be a helpful ranking idea. The transcript is the caption that appears when it’s posted – think the text that comes up on videos on your Facebook feed. These make your content more accessible to a wider audience but also make them more scrapable by search boys because there’s additional content associated with it.

Pay Attention to the Page That It’s Embedded On

When you’ve place it on your website, ensure that the content around it is relevant and unique (not copied from where you’ve uploaded it from).

Bonus Tip to Aid Click-Throughs: Choose an Engaging Thumbnail Image

Whilst this won’t help your rankings, it should help users choosing to click on it and watch it. The thumbnail is what people will see, so think it as the cover of a book. It needs to entice users to click on it and watch your content!

Still not sure where to begin? Our specialists have experience in helping clients optimise videos for increased traffic and views. Give us a tinkle on 0800 878 833 to find out more.