4 Ways to Use Blogs to Increase Traffic!

Setting up a blog for your business isn’t all that complicated. You’ve designed your page and you’re ready to write; but now comes the tough part. Driving traffic to your page and getting eyes on your content isn’t always as simple as it sounds. Luckily, there are certain types of content that are all but guaranteed to grab clicks and boost your brand’s digital impact. Focus on these types of content, and your content marketing strategy will be off to a flying start.

1. The ‘How-To’:

People love to read content that improves their life on some level, rather than just killing time on work breaks. Their popularity is logical when you consider the way in which people usually word Google searches. They’re looking for solutions to common problems that will make their life easier, so content that helps in some way is always going to succeed. This content should be written by someone who understands the subject well and can offer genuinely useful advice, so pick a subject you feel confident in before you blog.


2. The Infographic:

Infographics present useful information in an innovative and visual way. They’re incredibly shareable, simple to create, and work especially well on social media. A graphic designer will be able to create fun and eye-catching infographics to include on your blog or social media pages, even including gifs to make a moving infographic that instantly catches the eye of your audience. Example from freepik to the right!

3. The List Post:

List posts work well because they’re readable, simple, and tell the audience exactly what they’re going to get before they click. The number that starts the article title even lets your audience know roughly how much time they’ll need to read your post. These posts are so common for a reason – they’re likely to be shared by your readers and will get more clicks than a post without the number in the title. Strange, but true. You’ll find that a lot of our blogs are in this format!

4. The Inspirational Story:

Not everyone wants to read miserable news stories when they scroll through their social media feeds. Many of us want inspiring stories that give us a much-needed motivational boost to face the day ahead. Include success stories on your blog that give your audience valuable information about how they can achieve what you have, whether it’s building a brand or founding a business on a small budget. No matter how big or small the accomplishment may be, share what you’ve learned and offer advice.

So there you have it! If you need more help or ideas, hit up the team here at Results First!