The 5 Biggest Digital Marketing Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

According to a survey done by Profoundry, 65% of startups have never had, or considered, formal digital marketing training. While some of this could be due to outsourcing, it highlights the importance of turning our focus to digital marketing, and where entrepreneurs usually fall short. Here are the 5 biggest mistakes entrepreneurs usually make with digital marketing:

Poor Planning

Before beginning any digital marketing campaign, a SWOT analysis must be taken of your company. What are your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats? Also, use this stage to gather an understanding of your target audience. Focus on where they live, how their time is spent and what other products or services they’re likely to want.

Having High Expectations

A common misconception about marketing online is that it will provide instant results, when in reality very few marketing campaigns will actually achieve this. This is true whether you’re beginning a $4,000 a month campaign or a $40,000 a month campaign. Social media tends to have the shortest turnaround time, and pay-per-click ads often take about a month and a half to gain results. SEO generally needs 4 to 6 weeks to take off, and then could take up to 6 months to payoff. All marketing, even digital, requires time to be developed, analysed and improved in order to meet meaningful goals.

Spreading Themselves Too Thin

Instead of signing up to all of the social media platforms available, target a specific few. Twitter and Facebook are the best sites to begin with, as they can reach a wide audience. Update these pages regularly with relevant information – be careful not to spam your customer’s feeds, as this will cause a loss of interest. Start small and then scale up your campaign, test your approach until you can make it work on all of the platforms.

Not Using a Combination of Media

Traditional media should be used to support your digital campaign. Billboards, magazine ads, and public transport advertisements can differ from your online ads, however they should provide the digital information of your company. This can be done easily by adding a hash-tagged word or a Twitter or Facebook handle at the bottom of the ad.

Forgetting to Optimize Mobile

Targeting desktop users is important, however the number of mobile users globally has begun to exceed those who use desktop on a daily basis. By overlooking mobile, you are missing an integral component to the success of your campaign. Mobile is particularly useful in targeting a millennial audience.

One last important mistake that is made, that could be detrimental to a company, is a lack of testing an ad. Digital media has the power to make your company go viral at any moment, but it could be for all the wrong reasons. It should go without saying that all ads should be tested and approved before being launched onto a digital media platform.