5 Tips for your PPC Campaign

Are you thinking of investing a portion of your digital campaign to PPC but not sure where to start? Here’s some beginners tips that will help to create a PPC campaign that best caters to your company’s objectives.

1. Identify your key product/ service/ selling points

The first step to an effective PPC campaign is establishing what your key products/services are and which ones you wish to promote. Once you have determined what these are the next step is to do some research into your competitor’s ads, establish who they are and what they are doing. This information will help you decide how best to compete. Look out for things like pricing, sales, giveaways, copy and gimmicks.

2. Research Keywords

Do your keyword research by using resources like Word-tracker and understanding you’re demographic and their needs. Once you have established your keywords and you’re confident in the selection, use exact match to pair your ads with relevant sites. Alternatively, use of broad and phrase matches with negative words will help filter your ads through to sites that are relevant to your product by ruling out those that aren’t.

3. Utilise a variety of ads

Producing different types of ads and monitoring how they preform against each other will help you decide what to use for future campaigns. It will also offer a variety of content to users. Bombarding users with the same content day-in-day-out will eventually become lackluster and result in fewer clicks, leads and sales.

4. Google Analytics

Keep track of how your campaign is preforming by utilising tools such a Google Analytics. Google Analytics will provide you with invaluable insights into the performance of your ads. Pay particular attention to your bounce rates, they’ll indicate to you the effectiveness of keywords and by extension the progress of your campaign.

5. Refine your campaign

Keep refining your campaign, utilise tools like Google Analytics, keep in touch with your audience and up to date with industry trends. Always look for ways to improve your campaign and don’t be afraid to pause keywords or Adgroups that aren’t performing.

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