Afterpay – The Ecommerce Revolution

There’s a new revolutionary product being used in Australia and hopefully it will be in NZ soon – Afterpay.

What is it and what’s so good about it?

Afterpay is used by ecommerce webmasters to make it even EASIER for customers to pay at the checkout by splitting your payments over four equal, interest free instalments every fortnight. All you need to do is nominate the debit
card or credit card you want to use and Afterpay schedule automatic payments for you. There aren’t any long forms or detailed personal information required to slow down the conversion process either – Afterpay
simply use your nominated bank card to process your application on the spot.

Once setup, they will remind you when payments are due and will process your payments automatically for you. Your details are saved for the next time you want to use it also. It’s that easy! Unlike lay-by, you receive the good right away and not once it’s paid of.

Imagine this. You really want that new leather bag but it’s $400. 4 payments of $100 fortnightly when you get paid sounds and looks a lot more attractive than the $400 outright.

See on page-on example from Crumpler below.

Many online stores are using this now, including Cotton On, Kookai, Country Road and many more.

Our fingers are crossed that it makes it across the ditch soon as online retailers and consumers alike can start reaping the benefits!