Is Tumblr Advertising a Viable Option for Your Company?

More and more brands are investing part of their advertising budget into getting their company’s ads on Tumblr, why? Well for one, 70% of Tumblr users say that their favorite place to spend time online is their Tumblr dash. If you’re not an avid Tumblr user or you’re unfamiliar with the platform, you may be asking yourself what’s a dash? No, we’re not talking about the aptly named Kardashian brand – we’re talking amazing visuals, images, videos and GIFs all streamlined to users’ interests based on what blogs they choose to follow. Think the Facebook news-feed with less annoying statuses and more awesomeness. Admittedly, like every site, it does have its trolls; but trolls love buying stuff too.

tumblr sponsored posts
Tumblr Sponsored Posts – image from Tumblr
tumblr sponsored videos
Tumblr Sponsored Videos – image from Tumblr

We like those numbers.

So does your brand already produce impressive visual content? If you answered yes, what are you waiting for? If you answered, no, we can fix that. There are over 200 million Tumblr blogs and growing, posting approximately 80 million posts a day. Your sponsored posts on Tumblr have a potential reach of 800 million, I mean, what more incentive do you need? The Tumblr culture and habits of its users means that a sponsored post, provided your content hits the mark, will be re-blogged over and over again, extending your reach to a wider audience with every clink. Additionally, in 60% of cases sponsored posts not only lead to reblogs but also new followers. We like those numbers.

We’re here to help.

It’s one thing to talk the talk, but can Tumblr walk the walk? They sure can, Tumblr ads come with a full set of analytics so you can measure the impact of your Tumblr campaigns – handy. The data provided by Tumblr’s analytics will help you gain a better understanding of user engagement, campaign effectiveness and even provide you with insights into the performance of particular posts. For those familiar with Facebook analytics, these concepts are nothing new. By simply adapting your knowledge of those systems to the services provided by Tumblr, you’ll be kicking goals in no time. Any hurdles that arise can be quickly resolved by calling your friendly digital marketing specialists, it’s what we’re here for.

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