Should I DIY my AdWords campaign? And the three biggest DIY AdWords mistakes.

DIY aptitude test: Most commercial fishing boats have a tooth removal kit on board, but you’d struggle to find a dentist to accompany it. A week out from port you develop a pretty bad toothache. Would you give it a go or put up with the pain?

Pure Kiwi, since 1840: Kiwis are famous for the DIY attitude. But let’s be honest, sometimes the old 8 wire is best kept in the garden shed.

It’s not really an issues when the deck isn’t quite level, when the paint job is a little patchy or when the knitted jersey is a little baggy. The sense of achievement far outweighs the little blemishes.

But that isn’t always the case. In the provider-saturated digital realm of click through rates and conversions, the little inaccuracies and common errors compound. A simple flaw can cost many thousands of dollars in lost revenue, which goes straight to your competitors.

Digital DIY: In order to save money on management fees, some companies choose to complete their own digital marketing in the form of search engine optimisation, Google AdWords or any number of digital marketing campaigns.

Now, in principle, this is a fine undertaking. You will likely learn a lot about specialised topics. In practice, it will take a lot of time to advance past the most basic understanding. Time that might be better spent elsewhere – it’s all about opportunity cost.

Honesty interlude: Results First is a digital marketing agency. We would be lying if we said we didn’t want you to use our service instead of going rouge DIY. However, with something like AdWords, we firmly believe that using professionals, with practical knowledge and proven experience will provide you with a better return on your investment.

An example: You sell spa baths. Its winter and its cold. You decide to market a special through AdWords. “Buy our mid-range bath for $3000 and receive free installation and care products for winter.” For each sale your profit margin is $1000.

DIY: You spend your time choosing your own keywords, building your own adverts and running your own campaign.

In one month you get 1000 clicks at an average of $3 per click. Of those thousand clicks, you get 14 leads and six sales. Profits of $6000 – Spend $3000 = ROI of $3000 (minus your time).

Managed campaign: You hire a proven professional agency with more than 4000 digital campaigns to draw experience from. They complete competitor and market analysis to choose keyword. They design the content and ads based of consumer data through custom-built software. And, they implement using the latest success trends in AdWords psychology.

In one month you get 2000 clicks at an average price of $2 per click. Of those clicks, you get 35 leads and 15 sales. Profits of $15000 – AdWords spend $4000 + a $1000 management fee = ROI of $10,000.

So what are the main reasons why DYI campaigns don’t usually perform as well as campaigns run by experts?

1) Not setting geo-targeting: The last thing you want is your ads showing in Palmerston North when you’re in Raumati. Especially when you are selling beach umbrellas.

2) Forgetting to add negative phrases: This is a very common issue and one of the main ways to lose money on clicks. Negative phrases will stop certain types of searchers clicking on your ads. For example, if you’re a plumber you don’t want your ads to appear when someone types in ‘find plumbing jobs’.

3) No calls to action in copy: Simple but far too frequent. Having a strong call to action in your the content of your add is vital for your click-through rate. There is literally scientific research on what a good call to action looks like.

There are many more ‘traps’ that you can fall into, and many other things that professionals look at to optimise a campaign – from the best time of day to show your ads, to increasing quality score and looking at landing pages.

So to take the guess-work out of Google Adwords, contact the experts at Results First and maximise your budget today. The last thing you want is your marketing funds going out with the spa water.