Digital Digest – September 2017

Believe it or not – we’re already in the run up to the Holiday season! October, November and December is peak online-trading time for a lot of businesses. Online activity… Read More

The ‘Hawk’ Algorithm Update

A few online sources are saying that there was a somewhat sneaky algorithm update (dubbed the Hawk) which occurred on the 22nd of August 2017. We say somewhat sneaky because… Read More

7 Helpful Chrome Extensions for SEO

Chrome extensions can make your life easier and this is especially true when it comes to diagnosing if a website has been optimised, and how well. We have asked around… Read More

Digital Digest – August 2017

It’s been Game of Thrones fever in our office but forget ‘winter is coming’; Spring is upon us! August was another action-packed month on the digital front. If you too… Read More

Digital Digest – July 2017

We’re into the last month of winter – can you believe it? There were some exciting things that happened but the biggest thing was the update to the AdWords interface… Read More