Buzz Words for 2016!

2016 online marketing buzz words

As 2016 is nearly upon us, it’s time to think about what’s going to be trending next year. There’s a few new and recycled ‘buzz words’ being thrown around – but what do they mean?

Smarketing: The process of integrating marketing and sales processes to unify the goals of an organisation and to provide consistent messaging across all mediums.

Guerilla Marketing (gMarketing): A strategy used in traditional and online advertising to use imaginative, low-cost methods to promote a service or product. Usually used by SMEs, Guerilla Marketing often involves using innovative and high-energy ‘unconventional’ techniques to evoke a personal reaction from the target audience.

mCommerce (Mobile Commerce): A subset of eCommerce (electronic commerce); the term mCommerce just refers to the ability of a user to be able to purchase a product from a mobile device, anytime, anywhere!

sCommerce (Social Commerce): Like mCommerce but instead involves online social media that uses social interactions and user contributions to assist online buying and selling of products and services.

A/B Split Test (Split Testing): Split-testing two variables to use for gaining statistics and analytics to aid ROI. Typically used in pay-per-click advertising such as Adwords and the GDN.

Digital Agility: Understanding trends to be able to adjust and adapt to execution of strategies on new mediums and/ or it’s features. For example in 2015 Instagram Ads came out and was done poorly by many companies that tried it. Digital agility would mean that these companies should adapt what they were doing to trends (in this instance, accommodate the negative backlash from users) and change their approach.

Lean: Pertaining to launching a new product, line, service or business. It’s the cycle of Build – Measure – Learn. To turn a concept, idea or hypothesis in to scalable data. Validated learning to find the data before investing the big bucks.

Leveraged Learnings: Taking learnings/messaging from one medium and leveraging them on other mediums. i.e. a certain set of ad copy in AdWords that has high engagement (High CTR) and using the messaging on a landing page or Facebook ads.

Magnetic Marketing: Creating an online environment in which people are drawn to your business, product or service rather than casting a digital net and then filtering out the less than ideal traffic.

Astroturfing: An attempt to create the impression of strong support from grassroots communities for a policy, product, service, business etc Often ‘fake’ reviews or messages are posted.
Whilst this term is often used in the form of trying to make the ‘astroturfers’ agenda seem like the commonly held opinion; the phrase is now sometimes being used for digital marketing for fake review creation.

Growth Hacking: Combines multi-faceted marketing channels in a creative, analytical and social way to sell products/ services, gain brand exposure and effectively ‘grow’ a business. It many cases growth hacking techniques include different online mediums such as SEO, content marketing, social media, pay-per-click campaigns, web analytics and of course testing!

Omnichannel Retailing (Multichannel Retailing): Traditionally when a customer reaches an ecommerce website, the route that they took to make a transaction was dictated by the customer and fairly linear. Because now customers can make a purchase in store, online, on their mobile or tablet etc, omnichannel retailing looks to create a seamless, unified and innovative buying experience for customers across all channels.

Search Console: The rebranded former Google Web Master Tools.

TL;DR: Acronym for Too Long Didn’t Read!

So there you have it! These are just a few but if you have any others hit us up on 0800 878 833.