Score lead quality and obtain insight on the return on investment of your paid advertising like never before with our call tracking, recording and reporting.

Monitor your digital marketing ROI more closely with real-time call tracking. Our call tracking service records every inbound call from the chosen marketing streams (for example organic traffic, pay-per-click services, social media outlets etc) to help you make more informed decisions. How? Tracking the amount of and quality of the calls coming from online sources will enable you to easily evaluate the effectiveness and return on investment of your campaigns, as well as deliver real-time business intelligence on internal processes and systems via call recording.

Our call tracking solution requires no software, hardware or aesthetic changes to your website. You are able to log in to an online portal and see your results anytime from anywhere.

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phone call tracking & recording

Depending on how many types of online marketing channels that you are wanting to track, you are allocated unique New Zealand 0800 numbers which appear seamlessly on your website where the usual phone number is. There is a script that is able to be easily installed.

A potential customer clicks on your ad and comes to the website. The dynamic 0800 number appears for them and hopefully call the number. The call is then tracked at recorded, and we are able to attribute it to reporting and your return on investment. From there, you can also ‘lead score’ so that we can ascertain the quality of the phone call and use that information to further enhance the campaign.

phone call tracking


  • Real-time phone call tracking and recording
  • Call outcome information (sale, sale amount, lead, other)
  • Reporting on the source of incoming calls
  • Insight into call trends including hourly, weekly and monthly activity
  • Information on the location, duration and status of incoming calls
  • Google Analytics integration for even more in-depth data on your digital marketing ROI
  • Instant missed call email notifications
  • Full caller ID *Except on blocked numbers, unique reference numbers are assigned to such calls.


  • Identify which of your online marketing channels are generating leads, giving you the ability to reallocate budget according to the campaigns that are delivering the best results
  • Use the data and learnings from call tracking into your SEM and SEO campaigns
  • Improve the accuracy of your ROI tracking
  • Ensure your precious phone leads are being handled effectively
  • Improve internal sales processes

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