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About Loansmart

Loansmart provide personal loans to Kiwis all over NZ. They pride themselves on offering a quick and easy loan alternative to big banks and other financial institutions, and 35% of their business is made up of loyal existing customers.

The Brief

Loansmart have been established in the Auckland market for a couple of years and were looking to branch out nationally to get more loan applications from all over NZ. The goal was to bring down the current AdWords spend by increasing traffic and applications organically. Part of the brief was also to meet a cost-per-conversion goal per application to ensure ROI for the campaign.

The Strategy

The first step was to build a new website in WordPress to allow the client to have more control of their content, ensure the site was in an ‘SEO friendly’ platform and also to increase conversions. From there, we implemented a strong SEO strategy concentrating on a mix of medium and high competition phrases, as well as some long-tail phrases that have less search volume but were more likely to lead to a conversion. The offsite ‘link building’ to increase the authority of the website was also key to the moving the website up the ranks.

loansmart case study figures

The Results

In Phase 1 of the campaign we achieved outstanding increases in page 1 rankings and organic traffic. Some of the high competition phrases that reached page 1 included ‘unsecured loans nz’, ‘fast loans nz’ and ‘personal loans auckland’. As a result, organic traffic increased significantly and the traffic was relevant (the conversion rate from organic traffic was close to 10%). Most importantly, the cost per application was driven down dramatically compared with the cost of an application from AdWords.

Page 1 rankings increased from 0/10 in January 2015, to 6/10 by March 2016.

Organic traffic increased by 70.3% when comparing the period of the 15/01/2015 – 15/01/2016 with the same time-frame prior (14/01/2014 – 14/01/2015).

*Contact us to find out more about the data around cost per application so that we can seek permission to share statistics around this.

Contrac2Kill - Killing it with Landing Pages!

About Contrac2Kill

Contrac2Kill is a leading pest management business, and services customers throughout the wider Wellington region. With over 12 years’ experience, the team has the know-how to meet the most demanding needs of residential, industrial and commercial operations in both the private and public sectors.

The Brief

With a small budget, we needed results in the form of leads – and fast. Contrac2Kill were wanting to increase phone calls and enquiries through the website in the most cost effective way possible. It was a tough brief, so we needed to be very strategic with our approach.

The Strategy

We could see by analysing the Google Analytics data that traffic was coming to the website, but wasn’t converting into leads. This gave the digital strategist a lot of insight into putting together a strategy that would bypass the website as the client didn’t have the budget to build a new website.

Using Google AdWords to drive relevant and quality traffic to a specifically designed landing page, we were able to achieve fantastic results.

case studies stats contrac 2 kill

The Results

By continually optimising the AdWords campaign, combined with testing variants of the landing page – we were able to reach a conversion rate of 12.6%! To put this into perspective: for every 100 visits to the landing page, 12 resulted in an enquiry!

Within 3 months, we were able to decrease the cost per lead by 44.7% as well as increase the amount of conversions by 71%. It’s fair to say that we exceeded expectations and the client didn’t need to invest in a new website.

The landing page is currently converting traffic to leads at 12.6%

Within the first 3 months of the campaign, the cost per conversion was reduced from $32.79 down to $18.14

Within the first 3 months of the campaign, the amount of conversions increased by 71%. Contact us for more specific information.


Results First are results first

The examples listed above are only a few of the amazing NZ businesses that we have helped meet their goals. We know that page 1’s are only the first step – and there are other metrics to record success. Want more information about these case studies, would you like to see more? We can even put you in contact with current clients! Call us today and organise a phone call or meeting.

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