Digital Digest – April 2018

Winter is coming! The weather is cooling down but the digital world is heating up! April was a big month – we can algorithm updates, the mobile index finally rolling out and heaps of social items. If you haven’t had a chance to keep up, enjoy this bite-sized blog of all of the online marketing tid-bits that might effect your business.

All The Google Stuff!

Google Confirms ANOTHER Core Algorithm Update

Following on from the update that we reported in mid-March, Google has confirmed yet ANOTHER update to the core algorithm. On the Twitter account ‘Google Search Liaison’. We know that these updates occur often, however they’re not always confirmed by the Search Engine. The statement from them referred to their previous Tweets from March saying that they update algorithms routinely with the intent of bringing more accurate results. We did not see much of a spike or fluctuation out of the ordinary with our clients – did you?

The Mobile-First Index Has Started Rolling Out

This item just snuck in at the end of April, but after a couple of years of waiting Google has started rolling out the Mobile-First index. Notifications were sent out in Search Console to webmasters whose sites ‘follow best practice for mobile-first index’. The mobile-first index was introduced by the Search Engine back in November 2016 with experimenting going on since then. For more information, checkout this blog from Cognitive SEO.

New Gmail Layout & Features Are Coming

In another announcement from Google, Gmail will be getting some design changes and new features. Some of which include:

  • A snooze function that allows users to delay emails until they have time to respond
  • The ability to open attachments without actually opening an email
  • The ability to RPSV to an invitation by hovering over the invite and not clicking into it
  • A ‘nudge’ feature to remind users to respond to messages
  • High priority notification options
  • Unsubscribe suggestions for newsletters that users don’t open/ read
  • The addition of ‘smart replies’ on desktop (available on the mobile app already)

See more information directly from them on the Google Blog here and here.

Add A List Of Services in Google Maps

In last months Digital Digest we mentioned that you can now add a business description in Google Places (again) and now you can also add a list of services. There are a couple of challenged with this though – it seems that you can only add services with a fixed price (you have to add a price, you can’t use letters or symbols) and it’s in AUD with no option to change it to NDZ. Hopefully this will be updated in time. See more information here from Local Visibility System.

The Non-Google Related Items

Facebook Adds New Features To A/B Testing Feature

The Social Media giant is rolling out new features to the tool that was first released in October 2017. The new additions include more in-depth reporting, the ability to split-test based on engagement levels and it will be easier to duplicate previous experiments to make changes. For more information, checkout the Facebook site, and the analysis from Marketing Land is a great read.

Facebook Advisers Users Affected By Data Breach

Speaking of Facebook, users that had their personal information mined as part of the Cambridge Analytica scandal were advised through the site in early April. Roughly 67,000 Kiwis were affected by this as we reported in our blog earlier this month. Click here to read it and find out more.

Reddit Promoted Posts Available On Their Android App

Reddit Ads have rolled out on the Andoid version of their app, according to a statement from them. Usage of Reddit is growing rapidly, and with it the opportunity for advertisers to take advantage. This Android addition will allow more potential for impressions, clicks and sales from the stream.

If you have any further questions, queries, insights or think we’ve missed something please get in touch today.