Digital Digest – August 2017

It’s been Game of Thrones fever in our office but forget ‘winter is coming’; Spring is upon us! August was another action-packed month on the digital front. If you too were too busy watching GOT to keep abreast of things, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled all of the major news to come out of this month for you. Enjoy!

As usual, the Google Items

Google will show HTTP websites as unsecure in Chrome

One of the biggest things to drop in August was an announcement by Google that as of October 2017, a warning will appear in Chrome for websites that aren’t on secure servers and collect information. We say this is the biggest news as it will effect millions of websites in New Zealand and around the world. For more information, see our blog here.

The ‘Landing Page’ Mobile Assessment Tool is now Available in AdWords Beta

Late last month the new AdWords Beta interface became available. Apart from a fresh interface, there were few key additional features that were added and the updates just keep coming! This week, Google announced on the Inside AdWords blog that the eagerly anticipated Landing Page mobile assessment tool will be added to Beta ‘over the next few weeks. According to the Search Engine, on this page business owners and marketers will be able to see which URLs in your Campaigns are mobile-friendly and which ones aren’t. More importantly, you’ll be able to see which ones have the best and worst conversion rates to help find opportunities to improve pages for mobile use. We’re looking forward to checking this one out for our clients!

More Advanced Reporting for Google Shopping Added

In another exciting addition to the new Beta interface – there will also be a new reporting section added for Google Shopping. This new feature will provide product status reporting and top impression share for GS ads. This is apparently being brought in for the Holiday Season (yes we’re only a few months away from Christmas already). For more information see this entry on the Inside AdWords blog.

Updates to Search Console

On the 1st of August, we were made aware of some additions that Google will be making to Search Console (previously Webmaster Tools) via the Webmaster Central blog. There were 3 exciting items that were specifically mentioned – more data insights, better support and quicker feedback from them. Tick tick tick! There will also be an added section for AMPs. They’re ‘experimenting’ with the new features themselves and are rolling it out to some users to trial so it might be a little while until it’s available to all webmasters.

The Rest of the Web

Facebook Will Prioritise Mobile Friendly Content in New Feeds

Just like Google, social media channels are also starting to adhere to a ‘mobile’ audience more and more as usage grows. This month, Facebook announced via their Newsroom that they’re ‘listening’ to their users about how to improve their experiences, so they are making a change to the News Feed to display more stories that load quickly on mobile. This is to ensure that users can spend more time reading the stories that they’re interested in.

Target People Attending Events on Facebook

In more exciting news from Facebook, advertising will soon be able to target users that have positively RSPV’ed to Events! This will be done using Custom Audiences and gives marketers a new way of getting in-front of potential customers on the social media channel. For more information, see this blog from Marketing Land.

Bing Introduce Estimated Conversion Data to Budget Suggestions

Bing have revealed that advertisers using their platform will soon be able to see conversion data added to budget suggestions into the ‘opportunities’ page. This will allow you to view different budget values and how changes could impact your conversion volumes so that you can made more informed decisions. This is a pretty cool feature, will AdWords follow suite?

There you have it – all in easy to digest, bite sized pieces. Have we missed something? Would you like more information on something? Get in touch on 0800 878 833 today.