Digital Digest – February 2017

Haven’t had time to keep abreast of what’s going on in the Digital Marketing world? Our February Digest will give you a quick overview of the main events in easy-to-digest snippets!

All the Google Stuff

  • Algorithm update
    First up, there seems to have an algorithm update on the 01/02/2017. Whist it was unconfirmed, the SEO community seems to have think that it was Penguin (or at least backlink related). Read more on Search Engine Land.

  • Stealthy AdWords
    Keen-eyed Google users may have spotted this a while ago, but Google have confirmed that they’re changing AdWords Ads from the filled in green box to the green outlined/ whited centred box. See example:

    We have been seeing this for a while in NZ (since June 2016 to be exact – we might be used as a test-market). Will this change lead to further changes in the future to make AdWords listings merge into organic? Time will tell.

  • AdWords Price Extensions live across all devices (not just mobile)
    In more AdWords news, price extensions are now live on all devices. For more information please see the Advertiser Community forum.

  • Maile Ohye has left the building!
    We posted a great video on How to Hire an SEO that Maile made a couple of weeks ago, and she was well-loved by the online community. We’ll miss you Maile!

  • Emoji’s are coming back into SERPs
    Removed in mid-2015, Emoji’s are coming back into SERPs but only when Google thinks that the query is relevant. See example below:

Non-Google Related

  • Instagram launch slide-show tool
    Like the ad carousel that brands are using on FaceBook Ads, Instagram have also launched functionality that allows users to post multiple photos and/or videos in a single post. There’s a good blog from Consultancy here which goes through some brands that are already utilising it effectively for online marketing.

  • Super Bowl Fall-Out
    Last year we reported on what happened online and on social during the Super Bowl, and this year some more great stats have come out. In another great blog from Search Engine Land, brands saw a larger uplift in search from releasing their ads online prior to the game than when the ads actually aired. More evidence that online is taking over from traditional advertising streams!

  • DMOZ is closing
    (Sort of Google related but sort of not?) In an announcement made on the DMOZ website, the directory is closing as of the 14th of March. Is it just closing for submissions or will the entire site be taken down? We’re not sure yet!

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