Digital Digest – February 2018

February 2018 was an interesting month. There was a lot going on in the social media space – including speculation that one Tweet wiped $1.3 from Snapchats’ stock value! See more about this and the other major digital news items below.

The Google Related Items

AdBlocker Released For Google Chrome

There were a few exciting developments to come from the Search Engine giant this month – but the main thing that may effect Kiwi businesses is that on the 15th of February, an updated version of Chrome was launched which includes a built-in online advertisement blocker. The move comes to stop ‘annoying’ ads appearing if they’ve been flagged – even those that are on their own advertisement networks. How will this effect me? Google is reportedly using the Coalition For Better Ads as a guideline but examples of ads that may be blocked are auto-play video ads with sound, obnoxiously flashing banner ads and pop-up ads that don’t have an exit button or hidden close buttons. See some examples from Marketing Land below:

We here at Results First think this is a good thing and as long as web masters aren’t using annoying ads, they won’t be punished! Another good article for information in this can be found on Search Engine watch.

Click here to download the new version.

SEO Audit Function Added To Lighthouse

While we on Chrome; earlier this month, Google announced on the Webmaster Central Blog that there will be an SEO audit category added to the Lighthouse Extension. Lighthouse is an open-sourced plugin for web developers to quickly autit basic page elements to help with website performance. This SEO addition will allow online marketers and devs to perform a ‘basic SEO health-check for any web page that identifies potential areas for improvement.’

We haven’t had a good chance to test this out yet but if you have let us know your thoughts!

To download this Plugin to Chrome, visit this link

Quick Fire Items

There were a couple of other things of note that we’ll put in dot-point form here:

  • New media functionality added to Home Assistant. You can now wake up to your favourite music playlist or start watching Net flicks where you left off!
  • A new ‘Audiencs’ report has been added to Google Analytics to help analyse a website’s custom audiences. More here at Search Engine Journal.
  • New Keyword Planner interface and updates to be rolled out in AdWords Beta. Read more here.
  • AMP for email has begun. Read more about this on the Google Blog.
  • Google to launch AMP Stories to rival Instagram and Snapchat – more here.

The Other Stuff

Snapchat Adds In-App Shopping Section – Snap Store

The social media outlet are going to have a mobile-app for the purchase of their merchandise. The Snap Store will only be delivering to the USA for now but might expand. Whilst this isn’t THAT interesting, it may be the first step to them adding capability for advertisers to sell their products through their platform, like Pinterest. We’ll keep an eye on this one.

Snapchat Looses $1.3 Billion In Share Price In Minutes

It was reported during this week that a Tweet from Kylie Jenner (see below) caused a stock-market crash of $1.3 Billion for the platform. This correlation has now been disputed by several media outlets (including Fast Company. So was this a knee-jerk reaction by the media, or proof of the power of the ‘celebrity’? Either way, Snapchat took a huge hit. Will they bounce back? Time will tell.

So that’s it for another month! Have we missed anything? Have any questions about how any of these items above might effect your business or website? Give us a call any time on 0800 878 833.