Digital Digest – January 2018

After a quiet end to 2017, the new year has kicked off with a bang! We’ve put together the main digital items for you here. Enjoy!

The Google Stuff

The New Search Console Was Released

Early this month Google announced the Webmaster Central blog that the new Search Console was being made available to everyone. The Beta version was tested by a selected few in August 2017 but can now be accessed by all web masters. The updated version has a different interface (one more aligned with the style of AdWords Beta) and has more features to help site performance on the search engine. Some of the new features include:

  • An index coverage index report. This can show you which pages have been indexed and how to possibly fix pages that may not have been.
  • A performance report. This will show you metrics that impact your sites performance; show as the average position in search results and the click through rate.
  • An AMP status report. This can help you fix errors that may be occurring from your AMP pages.
  • A job posting status report.

    Mobile Page Speed Update Coming in July 2018

    In mid-January Google released that there will be a mobile page speed update being rolled out in July 2018. To find out more, see our blog post here.

    To access it, login to Search Console and there’s a link that says ‘Try the new Search Console’.

    search console beta

    Restaurants & Food Outlets Can Edit Menus in Google My Business

    If you have a takeaway, restaurant, cafe or any other food outlet – this update is for you! During this week Google mentioned that GMB listing owners can now go in and access/ edit menus that will be shown to users. This will allow you to showcase and update your menu with a title, description and price for the item. For more information, see this post from Community Manager Allison here.

    The Non-Google Related Items

    Facebook to Demote Business & Brand Related Content from Feeds

    In an announcement on the 11th of January from the social media giant, they are going to be showing more content from ‘friends’ and less from advertising and brands. According to Adam Mosseri (the Facebook Head of New Feed); ‘we’ll be making updates to ranking so people have more opportunities to interact with the people they care about.’ There’s also more from Mark Zuckerburg in the post below:

    How will this impact businesses? We here at Results First think it might be a red herring and not much will change, but I’m sure we’ll find out in time.

    WhatsApp Launch Business Profiles

    According to the communication app giant WhatsApp, over one billion people use their application daily. This month they announced that business profiles and a mobile app for online marketers and business owners to manage their accounts. According to the Facbeook owned messaging service, there will also be tools that allow you to quickly post answers to FAQs and data that will be made available. For more information, checkout the official statement here.

    SnapChat App Updates to Help Businesses

    The social media outlet SnapChat has made ‘deep’ links (links to external websites and apps) and made more data available on their app. These updates are to help businesses use the stream more effectively for marketing. For more information, see this post from MarketingLand.

    So those are the top news items folks. Have we missed anything or would you like more information on anything mentioned above? We’re always free for a chat on 0800 878 833.