Digital Digest – June 2018

The weather has started to get very chilly, but the online marketing space never seems to slow down. If you were too busy staying in and watching Netflix to keep up with everything that happened – don’t stress. We have put together some bite-sized snippets of the main items of interest for marketers and business owners. Enjoy!

The Google Stories

Adwords has been renamed ‘Google Ads’

In late June, the Search Enjoy announced that Adwords is being rebranded to ‘Google Ads’ and has also combined their other advertising products into Google Ad Manager and Google Marketing Platform. According to Search Engine Journal, the change is to make things easier for small businesses to advertise across all of the pay-per-click platforms. For more information see the formentioed blog, or this post directly from Google.

More Additions To Google My Business

The Search Engine is continuing to make updates and add features to Google My Business (also know as Google Maps or Places). There were a few items from June, including:

  • The agency dashboard has been unleashed! As reporting on the Google blog during the month. This offers new features to agencies, like the ability to have unlimited Pages in your account (there was a limit previously), and you can also organise pages into ‘location groups’. More more information, see this post from Search Engine Land.

  • Keywords within reviews are now searchable! According to this article from Local Guides Connect, users can now search for certain phrases in Google Maps reviews. For example, if you would like to see if anyone has mentioned ‘wheelchair’ access in a review, you can type it in and any reviews that mention the keyword will be brought up. Even more reason to encourage your clients or customers to leave you a review.

  • ‘Products’ tab added to the Local Knowledge Panel. Sergey Alakov noticed that a ‘products’ tab has been added to the Local Knowledge Panel when you search for some ecommerce companies. The LKP is the information about that business that you may see in a box that appears to the right of the search results. We haven’t seen this NZ yet but hopefully retailers will have it available soon!

Search query data can now be seen for the last 16 months in Search Console

Search Console can give more insight into which keywords have been searched and clicked on organically than Analytics alone. When I first started in SEO 10 years ago, data from search queries in Search Console could be seen for as long as it had been installed (you could also see all keywords and nothing was ‘not provided). In the last few years, Google reduced the amount of time that queries could be seen to 3 months. This was obviously not ideal as marketers and webmasters couldn’t see back past a quarter and couldn’t compare year-on-year to see seasonal trends. In June though, this has now been expanded out to provide 16 months of data! This data is also pulled into Google Analytics when connected. See the Tweet from Google Webmasters about it below. Rejoice!

URL inspection tool added to Search Console

While we’re on the topic of Search Console, a new handy tool is now available in Beta which allows webmasters to have greater visibility on how Google has crawled, indexed and processed a specific URL on your website.

The other stories from across the web

You can see competitors ads in Facebook

At the end of June, some social media marketers noticed the ability to see other all the ads that a page is running. This is not only Facebook Ads, but also Instagram, Messenger and their other partner networks. To see it, go onto any page and click on ‘Info And Ads’ and the platform will display all of the ads that that page is currently running. Is this a privacy breach? Tell us your thoughts.

Facebook introduces advertisements into Stories

According to Search Engine Journal, Facebook Stories has now reached 150 million daily views and has introduced ads into the feature. Facebook Stories launched 14 months ago and is similar to Instagram Stories. The ads are said to be 5-to-15 second video clips, which can be skipped by users if they tap through to the next story. This is an exciting new placement that businesses can make the most of to get in front of their target audiences on the social media platform.

Instagram add sounds to their Stories

While we’re on the subject of stories, Instagram is adding the ability to add a soundtrack to a story. As previewed by Techcrunch in May and then confirmed by Instagram in late June, Stories can now have sound added. These are viewed even more than the Facebook ones at 400 million views a day! This is a huge plus for businesses using this feature.

Like always, if you think we have missed something super important or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the team here at Results First.