Digital Digest – May 2018

May was a HUGE month for the digital marketing world – and not just because the infamous GDPR finally rolled out. There was Google updates galore, stuff going on in social and more feature testing than you could poke a stick at. Luckily we have compiled the top storied into this fun-filled blog for you to enjoy (and save time).

The Non-Google Related Items Rule This Month

GDPR Finally Rolled Out

One of the biggest events in May was the GDPR guidelines finally rolling out in the EU after a 2 year warning. Some businesses also started receving warnings, according to EConsultancy. For more information everything GDPR related, see our blogs below:

Facebook Ad Features To Dynamic Ads for Lead Generation

Last November, the social media platform launched dynamic ads for lead generation for auto and car companies. In May 2018 they announced some exciting feature upgrades. We have ranked this highly in the blog because we’re hoping that this is just a ‘test’ case for other industries which could have huge potential for businesses. Essentially, this type of ad has a built in form so that users that fill in their details in Facebook without having to go to a third-party site. This takes away a potential conversion barrier.
The new features include the ability to pulls leads from the forms straight into a CRM. More information here from Marketing Land.

Which industry would you like to see them create these custom-style ads for next?

Instagram Updgrades Messenger Ability To Aid Businesses

During May, Instagram announced a bunch of new features to help users ‘share and connect’. The one of interest specifically to business owners and marketers is the increased functionality of the messenger, called Instagram Direct. According to the platform, over 15 million people communicate with a business through the messengers seach month, and a third of those interactions start with an Instagram Story. The new updates will allow business owners to manage messages from prospective customers more effectively. More information is available in the link mentioned earlier.

instagram messenger for business

Adobe Purchases Ecommerce Platform Magento

It was reported that Adobe Systems purchased the enterprise ecommerce platform Magento for 1.68 billion dollars! Time will tell with what changes (if any) come from the sale but Investors Daily Business stated that it already caused the price of Shopify stocks to drop.

The Google Updates

Google Maps Rolls Out Even More Goodies

Over the last few months, Google have been putting a lot of effort into adding features to Google My Business (GMB, also known as Google Maps). This month we have some more quick-fire updates for you:

  • A new dashboard was launched which makes it easier to manage multiple locations. See more info on Search Engine Land here.
  • The business description is back! It was removed some time ago (probably because people were using it to ‘spam’ keywords in there). It can be seen in the information in the listing, and entered where you edit information in your dashboard. See example below:
  • Businesses can now upload videos into Google Posts. Andy Simpson (an SEO enthusiast from New Jersey) posted some snaps of the new feature on Twitter.

  • Last but not least, Google announced on Twitter and on their community forum that customers who leave a review on a GMB listing will be notiifed by email when the business responds.

Meta Descriptions Length Shortened Again

In the December 2017 Digest we reported that the meta description length had been extended to 230 characters, up from 155. In May however, Google confirmed by Danny Sullivan (their ‘Search Liaison’) on Twitter that they ‘shorter now than in recent weeks’. This is pretty annoying for web masters that need to go back and rewrite their descriptions after only just writing new ones 5 months ago! The reason for the switch-back is unknown.

‘Goal-Optimised’ Shopping Campaigns To Be Deployed

In an exciting update for online retailers that utilise Google Shopping, the Search Engine announced early in May that they will be rolling out ‘goal-optimised’ campaigns in their ecommerce PPC service. Anyone lucky enough to attend the Google Partners event in Auckland last week (our team member Ravi for one) got some first-hand insight into this new feature. These sub-types of ads, ‘combine standard Shopping and display remarketing campaigns, and uses automated bidding and ad placement to promote your products and business across networks.’ For more info, see this post from Search Engine Land.

So that’s all folks! We hope you enjoyed this edition of Digital Digest. If you think we’ve missed something major or have any questions, please give us a call any time on 0800 878 833.