Digital Digest – November 2017

Christmas is nearly upon us! Sales and promotions are everywhere and it can be hard to see through the clutter. Luckily the team here at Results First have put together a summary of the main digital-related news items to help you stay on track coming into the holidays. There were quite a lot of ‘local’ items this month which is great for small NZ businesses. Enjoy!

The Google News

New AdWords ‘Innovations’ Rolled Out

Since Google released the AdWords Beta interface there has been a string of exciting additions being debuted and these ones were well-timed for the Black Friday/ Cyber Monday sales. The latest include promotion extensions, ad variations for testing and custom intent audiences. All of these are detailed on the Inside AdWords Blog and the Search Engine have said that they are to, ‘drive better results for your business.’ For more information, also see this post on Search Engine Land.

Mozilla Switches Default Search to Google

Following on from Apples footsteps (see our blog from September), Mozilla have announced that they too will be turning their default search provider to Google from Yahoo. They released Firefox Quantum on the 14/11/2017. This is sure to inject even-more search usage back to Google.

New Curved, Rolling Interface Appearing on Mobile and Tablets

People across the globe have started noticing a different format for SERPs on mobile and tablet devices. Apparently they have been testing it for several months. The new look features rounded corners on boxes and yesterday when searching I had a ‘see more results’ button instead of the traditional ‘Page 2’ etc. Alakov have reported other changes, such as yellow review stars and bright blue links. What potential changes will this bring to search? Time will tell!


Updates to Google +

We mentioned in the intro that there were a few cool roll-outs this month to help local business, and 2 of the Google related ones are:

  • Waiting times will be added to Google Search and Maps soon, according to the Google Blog. This will help consumers by decreasing their waiting times, and hopefully local eateries to be able to attend to more diners and increase customer service. Win!
  • The ability to create and share lists has been extended to desktop. In February in this year, this function was available on mobile only but can now be access on desktop. What is it? Google + users can keep lists of ‘saved places’ and share those lists with others via text message, email and other messaging apps. Another win for local business!

The Facebook News

In November there was quite a lot of activity at Facebook, including that their revenue in the third quarter increased by 49% (compared year on year) to over $10 billion! More info on MarTech Today.

Facebook Messenger Customer Chat Plugin Arrives

In another win for businesses, Facebook has rolled out a plugin called Customer Chat which enbables businesses to carry out Facebook Messenger conversations on their own website! This will mean that companies can have continuous chat sessions whether they’re on Facebook or on their own website. This may have a huge impact on customer service and conversion rates. See more info here on Engadget.

Facebook Re-Launching Events App as Facebook Local

Following on with the good news for local business, the social media website is relaunching their Events App as Facebook Local which is be a competitor to Yelp. The purpose is to help users discover new bars, eateries, restaurants and attractions nearby. So far it’s only available in the US but we’re hoping that it will be able to be downloaded in NZ in the future. More info on Wired here.

Non Google and Facebook News!

Reddit Updates Their Self-Serve Ad-Buying Tool

Reddit is an interesting space for advertisers to watch as it has HUGE usage globally – and during November they announced some upgrades to their self-self ad-buying platform that was rolled out in March 2017. This follows on from them releasing the Reddit Conversion Pixel in August (similar to Google Remarketing). This update will provide advertisers with more granular campaign reporting and data; including performance and audience targeting. To read more about this, see this blog from Marketing Land.

Twitter Expands Users That Can Use Their $99 A Month Subscription

According to Marketing Land, Twitter have unsold inventory and not enough advertisers to purchase it. During this year they began testing a $99 a month subscription which let Twitter promote users Twitter Accounts and Tweets for them (like a ‘management fee’ if you went to an agency.) It’s called Promote Mode and will be available to more users. Their target is small businesses and individuals with small followers. Is it worthwhile?
Try it out and let us know!

So there is all the big news from November. Think we’re missed anything vital or have a question? Hit us up!