Digital Digest – October 2017

Halloween has been and gone, and now there’s less than 2 months to the Holiday Season! There’s been a lot of exciting things happening in the digital space, so we’ve compacted everything into an easy-to-digest blog. Usually we start with the Google items however in October there was a lot going on outside of the search engine so we’ll start there. Enjoy!


The Non-Google Related Items!


Facebook is launching Dynamic Display Ads

Facebook have announced that they’re going to be rolling out ‘dynamic creative ads’ just in time for the holidays. From initial reading, these seem to be the social platforms version of Googles Smart Display Ads, and allow advertisers to;

‘automatically explores and delivers a series of ad variations based on the images, videos and text you include. Dynamic creative will analyze which version of the ad performed best with each audience and in each placement, including News Feed, Instagram and Audience Network, giving you the insights you need to run the most effective ads and drive results for your business.

What does this mean? Hopefully increased conversion rates with less work! We’re pretty excited about this one.


Pinterest Adds Auto-Targeting Option to Their Ads

Last week we talked about Pinterest Advertising, and earlier this month they announced that they’re adding a keyword targeting option. According to the platform; ‘Now, businesses of all sizes can reach audiences with more precision and control using our enhanced keyword features.’ For more information see this article from Marketing Land.


Paypal Introduces A ‘Marketing Solutions’ Tool

In some news that will interest online retailers, Paypal is launching a ‘Marketing Solutions’ tool that will provide analytics on a heap of customer data. Some of the information that ecommerce webmasters will be able to access from this service are;
‘how many shoppers are mobile shoppers; how many shop for big ticket vs small ticket items; how a particular merchant site attracts customers compared to other similar sites and soon, actionable recommendations on how to help turn prospects into customers and customers into loyal and engaged patrons.’
For more information see their website, and this post from Marketing Land.


Bing Ads Reveals New Campaign Overview Tab

Hot off the back of the new Google AdWords Beta Interface, Bing have announced that they too are launching a Campaign Overview tab for Bing Ads. This will give advertisers a more simple top-line view for their campaign stats. Checkout the blog here for more info.


On To The Google Stuff!


AdWords Adds ‘Days to Conversion’ Segmentation to Beta

Speaking of the AdWords Beta Interface, the platform reported earlier in October that you can now apply a ‘days to convert’ segment into your AdWords reporting. This will certainly help business owners and marketers have more clarity around conversion funnels and time frames.


Analytics is Enhancing AMP Support

In further developments for AMP, Google Analytics will; ‘continues to evolve to support those of our customers who have adopted AMP.’
From their statement;
‘Today we are excited to be the first supporting vendor to announce a new service, Google’s AMP Client ID API, that will enable the same benefits for AMP pages displayed via Google surfaces.
For more information, read that post or watch the video below.


‘Book Now’ Button Available On Google My BUsiness

For anyone doing booking suppliers to give users the ability to book your services straight from their search pages! For more information, see the release here.


So there you have it New Zealand. Think we’ve missed anything juicy or have questions about any of the above items? Drop us a line on 0800 877 833 any time.