Digital Digest – October 2018

With the festivities of Halloween now behind us, it’s a reminder that the end of year holiday period is just around the corner. Where has this year gone? October was another big month in the world of digital. Didn’t have time to keep up? We’ve got the juicy items for you below!

The Non-Google Items

There was so many exciting things happen outside of Google that we’ll start with these this month!

Pinterest Upgrade Their Ads

Just in time for the holiday period, Pinterest have upgraded their self-serve advertising manager with some new features and better reporting. There were some great new features made available (including a more streamlined ad creation process, more ability to choose where users see your ads and more robust audience targeting.) For all of the updates, see this post on the Pinterest Business Blog.

In October, they also introduced new Product Pins and Shopping Recommendations. Product Pins are now more easily found from the homepage and search results, and there’s an additional ‘Shop’ button. For more on this, see the Pinterest Newsroom.

We’re sure ecommerce website owners and e-retailers will rejoice!

Bing Ads Rollout LinkedIn Profile Targeting

In late October, Bing announced as part of their ‘newest evolution in their continued integration of LinkedIn and Microsoft Advertising’ that they will be offering profile targeting from their Search Platform. The Beta version is now available to their current clients and it will leverage LinkedIn data. Outside of the professional networking site, Bing is the only digital advertising platform to offer LinkedIn Profile targeting. What is it? Essentially, because both entities are owned by Microsoft, they’re cleverly using the database of LinkedIn users and the personal information they share for Bing Advertisers to target them based on their chosen identifiers (like professional, role title or industry). For example, if you’re a hardware store, you can leverage Bing Ads to show your ads to Tradesmen based on their LinkedIn profiles. This is a great feature for B2B businesses that want to target specific people based on their job but don’t want to use LinkedIn ads alone. For more info, see this post

Facebook Make It Easier To Recruit

The social media giant has apparently improved their ‘Job Tools’ feature just in time for the Holiday Rush! They announced in early October that they are enhancing their job tolls to help businesses hire more effectively and also make it easier to manage applications. Advertisers can now share job listings in groups, track applications more efficiently and assign a Jobs Manager to handle the application process. For more information and to make the most of this, visit the Facebook Business blog here and watch the video below.

FBB Blog: 2 Hire for the Holiday Rush

Posted by Facebook Business on Monday, 1 October 2018

DuckDuckGo Reaches 30m Daily Searches

DuckDuckGo (the ‘privacy focused’ alternative search engine to Google and Bing) is reportedly doubling in size each year and in October they stated on Twitter that that now have 30m daily search queries.

The founder of DuckDuckGo, Gabriel Weinberg, told TechCrunch, “We’ve been growing by approximately 50% a year pretty consistently so at a macro level it isn’t too surprising, just the numbers are getting bigger!”.

This will certainly be one to watch in 2019.

Twitter Loses Followers in Quarter 3, But Revenue Still Grows

The quick-fire social media platform have released their Q3 results and whilst monthly active users (MAU) were down (from 330m to 326m compared to the same quarter in 2018) and down from 335m in Q2. Regardless, the company stated they had a 29% in revenue – which they put down to advertisers.

Ned Segal, the CEO, was quoted saying, “Our third quarter results reflect our success with advertisers, delivering revenue growth of 29 percent and better than expected growth across most products and geographies.” Will this trend continue if MAU continue to decline? Time will tell. For more details, checkout PR News Wire.

The Google Items

Google + Has Been Shut Down After Data Breach

In the latest data breach scandal, Google have been forced to shut down their attempt at a social media competitor, Google +, after a data breach was exposed by the Wall Street Journal. Apparently the breach occured back in March but the Search Engine was forced to address it after the expose. The breach itself sounds similar to the one that was huge news earlier this year in relation to Facebook, where Google, ‘discovered a bug in the API for Google+ that allowed third-party developers to access data of 500,000 users with unauthorized permission’. They released a blog titled ‘Project Strobe’ which you can read more information on this. Action 1 is that they’re shutting down Google +, Action 2 is that they are, ‘launching more granular Google Account permissions that will show in individual dialog boxes.’

This hasn’t gained nearly as much publicity as the Facebook data breach (probably because it hasn’t effected nearly as many individuals) but it’s still a blip on the search engines credibility. It’s probably also a good excuse to get rid of a failed social media avenue.

New Features Added To Google Analytics

In a product update email sent to users in late October, a few new additions were announced to improve Google Analytics for business owners and marketers. Including:

What will be further advanced in 2019?

There you have it for another month. As always, if you think we’ve missed a major story or have any questions – give us a call on 0800 878 833 today.