Digital Digest – September 2017

Believe it or not – we’re already in the run up to the Holiday season! October, November and December is peak online-trading time for a lot of businesses. Online activity and traffic will be growing so make sure you have your marketing plans in place for the run-home. In the meantime, we’ve put together the top things that happened in the digital-world in September in case you missed them. Enjoy!

First Up, All Things Google

The Hawk Algorithm Update

Whilst it technically happened in August, it wasn’t reported until September so we’re including it in this additional. The Hawk update was Google Maps related and undid some of the changes that occurred in the Possum update. For more information, checkout our blog on it here.

Apple Switches Back To Using Google As Their Default Search Engine

This news is pretty big. TechCrunch are reporting that Apple are switching back to using Google as their default search engine for Siri AND the Mac spotlight search. Back in 2014, Apple ditched Google and started using Bing.Some outlets are reporting that Apple were paid $3 billion for this changeover but it’s unconfirmed. In any event, it’s probable that using of Google will serge but by how much is unknown.

Further Google PPC Updates

Paid Search platforms seem to have roll-out after roll-out recently, so here’s 3 from September in dot point form:


Other Very Important (Yet Not Google Related) News


Yelp Introduces Local Audience Targeting for National Adverisers

In 2015, Yelp introduced their paid banner ads unit. Earlier this month, they have announced that the Yelp Local Audiences (YLA) will be rolling out.
This is a pretty exciting release because they’re saying that marketers will be able to use their user data (geographic location, brand & category interests and brand attributes) to target specific audiences on third-party sites.

MailChimp Launch ‘MailChimp Brain’

MailChimp have been making a lot of cool improvements over the last few months (including integrating with Facebook), and now they have launched MailChimp Brain. Touting this as like a ‘second brain’ for your business, it’s their answer to marketing automation and may be especially interesting to ecommerce and online retailers. It integrates with , and also can send automatic emails to users that have abandoned carts.

YouTube Is Releasing New Tools For Advertisers

Youtube is rolling out new features to help advertising capture the attention of their desired viewers – including ‘Director Mix’, ‘Customer Affinity Audiences’ and ‘Video Ad Sequencing’. For more information, checkout this post on Marketing Tech News.


If you’d like to find out more about any of the exciting updates from September, think we’ve missed something important or just want to have a chat about your strategy coming up to Christmas – get in touch!