Email Marketing for the Holiday Season

Every brand has one major choice to make towards the end of any year – to embrace the bells and whistles of Christmas, or to let it go by without acknowledgement. For those that are thinking of skipping Santa, think again. It is a decision that can impact the way that your customers, and leads, interact with you over the peak sales period of the year. It goes without saying that if you skip the Christmas period, you will also be skipping sales.

There are many ways to prepare your business for the holiday season, such as gearing up your content marketing and preparing your PPC campaigns. Another brilliant way is through targeted and strategic email marketing campaigns, that are specifically designed not only to create leads but to cut through the other holiday specific EDMs within their inbox.

It is vital to focus on boosting the way you target potential leads with your EDMs this season, and with the following tips, you can revitalise your email campaigns and ensure success.

1. Start Planning ASAP!

If you haven’t started planning for your email marketing campaign, then now is the time to start. This allows you to strategize the campaign, and align it with any others that are running simultaneously.

One thing that should be done during this stage is assessing the previous year’s reports from holiday emails (if applicable). Evaluate the best and worst performing emails from the last year, and delve into why it may have either succeeded or failed. Not only can it give you valuable insight into what your email list reacts to, but it can also allow you to refine the way you deliver your campaign.

2. Segmentation and Re-engagement is Vital

Leveraging and understanding the data presented allows you to better understand where your customers lie within the purchase cycle. These are known as active subscriber bases, and inactive subscriber bases. Separating these, and targeting these separately, can be highly beneficial for your email marketing campaign. It allows you to target through slightly different methods, keeping active customers engaged and help to re-engage inactive subscribers. This can be done easily through slight tweaks of a subject line.

Working through methods of re-engagement of your inactive subscribers allows you to potentially get them back on board before the holiday period and build your database.

3. Personalisation is Key

One of the most important elements of any email marketing campaign is the personalisation towards your subscribers. This can be done through a simple inclusion of their name in the subject line or body copy, or a more intricate approach of retargeting through items that may interest them based off previous purchases. Check the open rates of past personalised EDMs to view their success rates and change any future campaigns accordingly.

4. Mobile Matters

The final, and potentially the most vital, tip for EDM marketers this holiday season is to ensure that emails are responsive on both desktop and mobile platforms. Most interaction is done via mobile now, and it would be detrimental to your campaign to ignore this. Maximise the potential reach of your email marketing by thinking responsively.

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