Results First have the experience and know-how to help you run a successful email marketing campaign to your database!

Email Marketing is Alive and Well

Email marketing (or EDMs – Electronic Direct Mail) is a great way promote your brand, products or services to existing or new customers. Essentially, it involves sending emails (usually through a third-party software such as Mail Chimp) to a list of recipients with the aim of them being interested in the contents and clicking through to a landing page or to your website directly.

What are the benefits?

There are a few reasons why New Zealand companies will utilise a strategic email marketing campaign, but the main one is cost! It can be relatively cheap to reach hundreds or thousands of potential or existing customers. It is much more affordable than trying to traditionally market to the same amount of people where you would need to pay for printing and postage, for example.

The other benefit is that we can gather useful information and data on the campaign for things like the open rate, any actions taken and even the device that the email was viewed on.

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Why use an online agency to manage your EDMs?

Your database is precious and it’s easy for users to ‘unsubscribe’. It’s extremely important for your emails to look professional, have strong calls to action, be mobile responsive and be strategic in what you’re trying to achieve. Our digital specialists are experienced with running successful email marketing campaigns for Kiwi businesses big and small.

What are you waiting for? Start sending out bulk emails to generate new business!

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Results First are results first

Email marketing to your database is a highly effective way to promote your brand, services, products or specials. It’s also a cost-effective way to generate leads and sales. Running EDMs in-house can be stressful so we’re here to take the stress out. We also can offer suggestions for increasing your database.


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