Expanded Text Ads For Google AdWords Has Been Rolled-out In NZ!

An exciting time for Performance Media Specialists – Google has confirmed that expanded text ads have been rolled out and we have now seen this in New Zealand campaigns. The search engines has touted this update as the ‘biggest update in our ad creatives since we introduced AdWords more than 15 years ago’!

Essentially, the headline (the top, bolded blue font) text that appears in AdWords advertisements has doubled! Instead of being one line, there will now be two lines of 33 characters per line. The description will be 80 characters.

adwords expanded text ads

At the Google Performance Summit in May this year, there were a few announcements made around AdWords to ensure that ‘consumers and marketers succeed in this mobile-first world’. With this chance also comes the roll-out of response ads and also the ability to have separate bids on different devices.

new adwords expanded text table

If you’re running AdWords for your business yourself or through an agency, it may mean a little bit of a ‘teething period’ while new expanded ad copy is tested but ultimately this change should benefit anyone using this platform. More characters means more opportunity to get your message across to a potential client or customer. The mobile responsive aspect will hopefully lead to increased click-throughs on mobile devices, and the ‘device bid adjustments’ update should mean that you can be more strategic with where your click-spend goes when you have one device that brings better results over another.

The Results First Performance Media Team will be updating all of our clients campaigns to make the most of this change over the next couple of weeks. If you’d like to know more about this update and how you can utilise it specifically in your SEM campaign, give us a call on 0800 878 833.