Gearing Up Online Marketing This Christmas

Christmas is a hectic time of the year, and luckily, we have online shopping to make our lives a little easier. These days, users can easily log onto sites, find items, and have them sent to their home without fully disrupting their schedule. Of course, the holiday season is one of the most vital sales periods for businesses everywhere, so if you haven’t geared up properly for Christmas, your time is now.
But, what do you do if your ecommerce site isn’t ready to support the festive season? By employing these four strategies to prepare your brand for Christmas, you can effectively reach those buyers that are trawling the web for the perfect gift.

1. Deck Your Social Media with Hashtags

It’s no secret that social media is one of the strongest marketing tools at our disposal. You can use this to create a buzz about your products/services this holiday season, and ensure customers know that your site is an option for their Christmas shopping. Using platforms like Facebook and Instagram can generate conversation and even lead to products selling out.
A great demonstration of how businesses can use social media to engage shoppers at Christmas is UK giant John Lewis. Every year, the company create a buzz around their long-awaited Christmas advert, and advertise this through all of their channels. This year, the hashtag #MozTheMonster can be seen throughout their pages, allowing shoppers to engage with their store and remember that John Lewis is a place to shop this season.
Create a fun hashtag that can be used throughout the Christmas season, and subsequently position your business in the front of your consumers’ minds.

2. Rocking Around the Christmas Landing Page

It’s all about making it easy for shoppers to find the products they want, so create and market a Christmas-centric landing page for shoppers to make the process as easy as possible for them. Not only will this boost traffic flow to your site, it will also allow you to categorise specific product pages and test which ones are performing best. From here, you can align your marketing techniques to reflect this and boost awareness and traffic.

3. Christmas PPC Ad Campaigns are Coming to Town

Make the extra effort this Christmas by considering a festive pay-per-click campaign. Without it, you may be missing out on a huge opportunity to gain profit. There is a spike in search term queries in December. Think about the amount of times you search “gift ideas”, “Christmas gifts for him/her”, or other gift-related search terms around this time of year.
PPC will allow you to target these keyword phrases in different variations with your product campaigns, and display your products on results pages for targeted audiences. Pairing this with your Christmas landing page can boost your chances of performing higher this holiday season. You can even look at creating a Google shopping page for potential customers in search results.

Kick your online marketing up a gear this Christmas by