Give your Company’s Digital Campaign the Little Extra Edge it needs

In our last blog we discussed advertising on the blogging platform Tumblr, an untapped tool for a lot of businesses. Today we’re going to explore some other platforms that although may not be your first choice, wield a lot more advertising pull than you think. Pro tip: sometimes it pays to utilise an avenue you haven’t used before, if you’re only covering the go-to platforms at your disposal best believe your competitors are too. We’re not saying ditch your campaigns across Facebook, LinkedIn and Google (we’re not crazy), we’re just saying tapping into a resource that’s a little off the cusp could give your company’s campaign the little extra edge it needs.

pinterest marketing


Following on from Tumblr the first platform we’re going to explore is, Pinterest. What is Pinterest? Pinterest is a free website that requires registration to use. Users can upload, save, sort and manage images/videos/other media content known as pins through collections known as pinboards. Like something? Pin it. For the Tumblr users reading this, to pin something is the Pinterest equivalent of Tumblr’s reblog function. *Light bulb* we thought that comparison would clear a few things up. So who will Pinterest work for? Let’s look at the stats. 85% of Pinterest users are female, 1.5 million recipe pins are pinned daily, 2 million product rich pins are pinned daily and 14 million article pins are pinned daily – we’re looking at you fashion/cookery/culinary/literature/print media companies.

snapchat marketing


Next we’re going to talk about the benefits of using Snapchat for advertising. Snapchat’s audience is predominantly 13-34 year olds, whoa, that covers a lot of bases, and 3+ billion Snapchat videos are watched daily.Brands already using Snapchat are loving it, but why? Among the pros listed off by Snapchat advertising enthusiasts you’ll find; the massive audience, the amount of enthusiasm displayed by that audience, and the intimacy the exchange of video content creates with and between users.All things considered, it’s time to get snapping.

instagram marketing


If you’re a regular Instagram user you may have noticed ads slowly seeping their way into your feed. Cheeky we know, but admit it, you’ve doubled tapped. I mean, at the end of the day A LOT of what finds its way on to Instagram these days has some type of promotion angle anyway – at least these businesses are being up front about it. So what’s the appeal? We presume the 300 million strong community the image sharing app has built may have something to do with it. Additionally, as we previously touched on, companies have been palming of free stuff and cash to users with a strong fan base to feature their product on their feed since the app’s early days. And it’s not because it doesn’t work is it.

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