Google Confirms Changes to SERPs

changes to google serps
At Results First we pride ourselves on staying on top of SERP trends and changes. So, without further ado, here is the latest update.

This is huge for us AdWords guys/gals. This is like an Google Algorithm Update for AdWords geeks. This is what we live for.

auckland builders serps

Google have been testing this for a while now, in fact 2010 was when we saw the first 4 top ad spots. 4 ad spots is pushing organic results further and further down the page in Google’s overarching plan for world domination. There are a couple of questions this has raised in our office.

Will my ads show less now? If you have a good Performance Media Manager, they will be all over this, expect them to maybe request a little more budget. But your ads should not show any less if this is an important metric for you.

Can I expect my cost-per-click increase? Yes and No, There are fewer spots that everyone is bidding for, to counteract the less ad spots expect Performance Media Specialists to increase bids to stay ahead of the competitions. However, there are heaps of strategies that can help to not affect your ROI, bidding for position, ad scheduling .

I guess I have more competition now? It will depend on the industry. Some competitive industries will have more costly cost-per clicks and there will be more competition for the top 4 positions, so yes. Where I think there will be some wins to be had is in the industries dominated by Medium sized businesses in a niche or sub-industry. i.e. instead of just “builders” – “fence builders” or instead of just “home builders” – “kitset home builders”.

The search volume on these terms is lower, but the increase in bid cost initially will cause a few of the smaller players to no longer find AdWords a medium that’s geared for ROI. Meaning, that in the long run the competitiveness of this space will actually decrease.

So, as a small business , I’m screwed? NO WAY! There is a sweet spot for small business owners / owner operators. The thing is that 16% of all searches completed everyday on Google have never been searched before. Making use of broad match keywords (with a tight list of negatives) will ensure you still capture relevant search at the a cost congruent with ROI. search terms you with a higher CPC won’t show your ads and relevant terms with less competition are all yours for the taking!

Hopefully this explains why it’s important to have a Performance Media Specialist who a) really knows what they are doing b) really knows your business well and c) isn’t driven by your click spend level!

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