If you’re looking for an affordable, targeted way to advertise your business, the Google Display Network is a very effective option.

The Google Display Network is a collective of over one million websites, applications and videos that have available advertising space on them. This powerful platform allows businesses in New Zealand and all over the world to place their message in front of potential customers or clients in the form of ‘banner ads’. This network provides businesses with the means to advertise on a wide range of different websites and blog pages across the internet, and the ability to garner brand awareness and increased traffic.

Many businesses use banner ads for branding, promotion of specials/ deals as well as for general ‘reach and frequency’. Results First’s qualified experts select sites that are relevant to your products and services, as well as your target market. The aim of this is to ensure your ads are seen by those who are likely to be interested and have buying intent. The end result is a targeted online advertising campaign that can deliver an excellent return on investment.

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How does it work?

The Google Display Network caters to a broad range of different advertising mediums, from text and images through to videos, meaning it is suitable for businesses spanning a wide range of industries. Whether you’re a home builder or an online retail store, you’ll be able to find sites within the Network that attract your target audience. For example, an online retail store selling gym gear might use could user the GDN to advertise on a health and fitness blog and other related websites within the network.

Advertising on the Google Display Network has a number of benefits. Besides allowing you to target a specific audience, it is also very affordable. Ad campaigns can be tailored to suit most budgets. Because it’s on a pay-per-click model, you only pay when a user comes through to your website or landing page. In addition, this type of advertising helps to raise your brand profile, as your business gains credibility through being associated with a reputable site.

At Results First, we are very experienced when it comes to managing advertising campaigns on the Google Display Network. Our digital performance media team can customise an advertising campaign that takes into account your budget and business goals to achieve results.

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Results First are results first

Like with all of our PPC services, we don’t have any setup or hidden fees. We have a set monthly management fee so that you know exactly how much of your daily budget is going to Google for your clicks. You will have a qualified account manager in New Zealand and we provide in-depth and clear reporting.


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