Google Posts Have Arrived!

On the 22/06/2017, the Search Engine announced the roll-out of Google Posts for all MyBusiness users!

We tested this little beauty out yesterday (by creating a post on a blog, ‘Has there been another mystery algorithm update?’ – and instantly it was appearing in SERPs for our brand ‘results first’.

See screen shot:

So how can I do this for my business?

Step 1) Sign into Google MyBusiness. If you don’t have a page setup, you really should! Contact us for help.

Step 2) Get to your ‘dashboard’ > We have multiple listings so need to click on the Shop Icon > Dashboard

Step 3) Click on ‘Posts’ in the left-hand menu, then where it says ‘Write your post’. A box will pop up where you can add an image, add text and ‘calls to action’.


Update!! 07/07/2017
It has been found that posts are removed from search engine results pages after 7 days, so make sure you keep posting!