Google Shopping has finally launched in NZ!

Breaking News – Google Shopping has finally been rolled out in New Zealand (it’s Beta Status, but still!). Our team noticed products coming up at the top of Search Engine pages yesterday for some product searches, and the Merchant Centre (the ability to set GS campaigns up) has been added to the back-end of the AdWords platform. We have not yet seen any formal announcements, but NZ has been added to Beta target countries list.

What is it?

Google Shopping allows internet browsers to view, search and compare products. So far in New Zealand, products are appearing at the top of searches and on the side. See screen shots below:

google shopping example 1 nz


NZ is still in Beta version so some of the full functionality has not been rolled our yet but is available in other countries like Australia.
As it’s part of AdWords, it is on a pay-per-click model.

What’s involved in a successful GS campaign?

There are 3 main aspects to ensure that you’re running Google Shopping effectively for your business.

1) Feed creation: A GS expert will setup your product feed paying attention to product data; images and prices.
2) Bidding: Like with all PPC services, successful bidding is key. A qualified AdWords professional will have the knowledge and experience to implement complex bid strategies for Google Shopping.
3) On-going Monitoring and Optimisation: Like with AdWords, top-line and granular optimisation needs to be performed to ensure you’re getting the best ROI.

Want to know more?

If you own an ecommerce website, it’s very important that you start looking at employing Google Shopping ASAP to keep up and head of your competitors. For a chat with one of our friendly team members, simply call 0800 878 833 and we can put together a tailored strategy for you.