4 Ways to Use Google Trends to Boost Your SEO & Content Marketing

Have you discovered the wealth of data available through Google Trends? It lets you know what’s trending online in the past and future, and how different search phrases and topics compare. Improve your SEO tactics by targeting the very things occupying your audience’s minds. Google Trends is undoubtedly a powerful tool when it comes to executing content marketing that works. The data afforded to you by Google Trends can give you the edge you need to bypass your competition when writing SEO content, choosing keywords and key services. How? Read on to learn more.

Google Trends explained

There’s no getting around that in our increasingly digital and data-driven world, businesses that know how to use their own data and that available through tools like Google Trends are more likely to get ahead of their competition.

Google Trends is an official Google tool that allows you to access comparative data on different traffic levels. While it doesn’t give you any concrete numbers, it can offer a range of other metrics that you can leverage to boost your SEO (search engine optimisation) and content marketing strategies.

1) The era of big data – know what people are searching for

There’s no point advertising something people aren’t wanting to buy. But if you do your due diligence, and discover that you may cater to a service, or you’re selling a product that people are searching for, chances are you can craft a marketing campaign that makes potential customers aware of your presence. In short, today’s big data allows you to zoom in and create more sophisticated and effective marketing strategies, and Google Trends gives it to you free of charge.

2) Know where you’re headed – looking into the past to sell to the future

Being able to see what people are searching for in the moment and comparing search volumes to see what’s the most lucrative service now is well and good. But even better is pairing that with a 5-year search trend history, to see whether the current search volume is part of a growing or sinking trend. If something has been sinking gradually in search volumes over the years, maybe consider focusing your content marketing on another product or service that’s been growing in popularity?

Gut instinct is one thing, but with Google Trends you can make more fruitful choices on what content to write, what products to target your PPC campaign around and so much more.

3 Go local – target your own area

Although the internet has helped remove state and country lines, there’s no getting around that locality still matters. While relevant for most businesses, it’s especially important for location-based services such as plumbing, dentistry and hair and beauty to name a few to target customers nearby. Targeting customers in a different state or country (even suburb) means throwing away time, money, and effort. Google Trends allows you to filter your searches by country which can allow you to zero in on your own region when researching trends. That means you can see what the trends in New Zealand are, rather than basing your content marketing on a generalised, global average.

4 Write content that responds to search trends

If you want water, plop yourself in the river. Whether it’s content for your website’s pages, for social media PPC campaigns, or for your blog – writing content that revolves around current popular trends or topics is a great way to put your business in the way of potential customers. You can leverage trending news by relating them back to your business or some of your products in your blog. Just be careful not to try to benefit from disaster news or tragedies – it’s bad form and it’ll never end well.

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