Why Hire An Expert To Perform Your SEO?

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These days it seems like everyone is an ‘SEO Expert’. There are people that read a couple of blogs on SEO and claim to be the barer of all knowledge. As with any expertise, misinformation and miseducation can lead to problems and do irreparable damage to your domain and online success.

If you had a sore tooth, would you go to a doctor? Of course not. You would go to a dentist! Why? Because a dentist specialises in dentistry. You would want to ensure that the dentist had gone to dentistry school, had years of practice and was qualified. You would not want someone fiddling around with your sore tooth that had watched a couple of videos on YouTube or read a couple of blogs about dentistry.

The same rule applies for SEO. The process of optimising your site is detailed and needs to be done correctly. SEO is very agile. It is constantly changing

Unfortunately web designers and developers (whilst I’m sure are very good at their job) are not SEO experts. Web designers may know how to perform some of the onsite components required for SEO, but a large part of SEO is the offsite ‘authority’ or link building.

Without these, your site will not be qualified as relevant in the eyes of Google. This may leave you stranded on page 4 or 5 behind several other competitors. It goes without saying that this is not where you want to be.

If you’re still unconvinced, ask your web designer or developer (or any other ‘SEO Expert’) the below questions to test their SEO nous. If the answer is any of the below, steer clear and engage an expert.

Question 1: How important is content on my website?

a) Content? Do you mean words or images?

b) There’s nowhere to fit content on these pages with all of the huge high resolution images that are embedded on a flash player.

c) Don’t stress, we’ll write you 100-200 words that mention your keywords as many times as possible.

d) We are making a very good site with lots of moving images and links.

Incorrect! Search engines read content to understand what your website is relevant for. As smart as it can be, Google can’t see images or watch movies. It is important to ensure that the ratio of keywords to surrounding text is correct. At Results First we have highly skilled content writers that will produce and optimise content so that it is well balanced and SEO friendly.

Question 2: How will you be crafting my meta data?

a) What is meta data, is that some kind of frat house?

b) You don’t need to worry about meta data, we have a special relationship with Google and we’ll just ask them to put you on page 1!

c) Well, we’ll ensure all of your keywords are mentioned one after another on your home page. This will be in the title, description and keyword fields, just to be sure.

This is not a good sign. The meta data on your site is very important and should be carefully crafted to ensure search engines don’t see it as spammy, yet ensuring everything is mentioned and targeted to the best landing page.

Question 3: How will you be building backlinks?

a) What are backlinks?

b) Backlinks aren’t important so don’t stress, we’ll get to page 1 without them.

c) I can’t tell you that. It’s like the Colonel giving out the secret herbs and spices. That’s our IP and I’m not at liberty to say.

d) We’ll submit you to automatic tools that will get you as many backlinks as possible, the more links the better.

Wrong again! I’m afraid, and you should be afraid too. Bad back-linking practices are a sure fire way of getting your site penalised. Sometimes there’s no way of righting those wrongs. Without backlinks, the engines won’t grant your site any authority and your rankings will more than likely plateau.

Question 4: How will you track and measure the success of the SEO work, and how are you held accountable?

a) How can we possibly track and measure our work? Has someone set me up?

b) You can’t track or measure SEO work, you just pay us the fee and we do the work.

c) Periodically we type a keyword into Google and see where you site is and write it down. We’ll try our best to get you to page 1 but we cannot make any guarantees.

Tut tut, my SEO-challenged friend. Like all marketing or advertising campaigns, success should be measured. The Results First will send you monthly reports to track the movement of position in the search engine results page. We are confident in our ability to drive online success for our clients and are happy to guarantee page one rankings.

Call an expert

There are many other important aspects of SEO and search rankings. To ensure that you’re going to a dentist and not a doctor, call us on 0800 878 833 today.