How can Snapchat be used to effectively market my brand?

snapchat marketing nzAmidst other social media marketing tools such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Snapchat has flourished as one of the most popular digital platforms for tech-savvy audiences since its inauguration only five short years ago. At current, Snapchat boasts 100 million daily users. It’s no wonder then that many businesses have recently jumped on this ‘brand’-wagon as an advertising mechanism allowing them to amass huge audiences in a way that is convenient, easy to use, and best of all, free.

But how exactly should businesses employ Snapchat as a marketing tool? We’ve collated a brief but comprehensive list of some of the best ways brands use Snapchat.

This is a great way to add personality to your business and give it that human-touch. People love to see what happens ‘backstage’ of a company or brand – whether that’s short videos of fun office antics or sneak-peeks of a new product about to be launched. In one highly successful Snapchat campaign, HBO’s television show Girls began posting Snapchats from the red carpet of its season three premiere and continued to do so throughout the season, giving audiences exclusive content that made them feel they are a part of the show’s community.

The ‘My Story’ feature on Snapchat is hugely popular, allowing users to view a sequence of photos and/or videos over a 24-hour period. This is a key illustration of how Snapchat can supplement paid television advertising – you can apply the same concept of storytelling to build a digestible and engaging message for users, but in this case, it’s completely free!

One way to really generate a healthy brand following is to offer contests, coupons, secret announcements and other promotional content on Snapchat. To provide an example, Taco Bell successfully announced the re-release of its popular ‘Beefy Crunch Burrito’ via Snapchat, garnering hordes of followers in the process who interacted with the ‘snap’ and shared it to other platforms.

Geofilters, or symbolic stickers which can be used to overlay snaps, have exploded in popularity on Snapchat, with the feature being used to accompany more than one million snaps every day. Up until last year, geofilters incorporated iconic locations such as the Eiffel Tower; but Snapchat cottoned on to the attraction the feature brought and has now turned geofilters into ad units, inviting companies to create brand-specific illustrations for a price. McDonald’s is the first company to invest in a geofilter campaign, which saw audiences relish the opportunity to engage in ad play by completely embracing the brand new stickers featuring hamburgers, fries and the brand’s famous logo.

While Snapchat won’t be an ideal medium for all businesses, it is certainly beneficial to those targeting young millennials who contribute to the 700 million photos and videos sent each day. With a bit of creative strategy, a Snapchat campaign can be a highly successful and cost-effective way to promote your brand and communicate with your audience.