How to Leverage Social Proof

leverage social proofing

Many of us turn to customer reviews before making a final purchase decision, and many of us choose to purchase from websites that provide product ratings. As the vast amount of information on the web only continue to grow, we’re turning to websites that offer proof of their quality services for their ability to cut through the noise and earn our trust.

However, some types of social proof are more powerful than others. In fact, a study conducted by the Washington Post found that positive social proof was by far the most influential tool in compelling customers to take action. It was found to be even more persuasive than offering customers the opportunity to save money.

So how can you best use this positive social proof on your website?

Use photos with your testimonials

Testimonials and customer reviews are a tried and trusted method of providing prospects with an objective and authentic opinion of a product or service. Another bonus of testimonials is that they tend to highlight the benefits rather than the features, which is a key component to encouraging your customers to convert. But to make your testimonials even more compelling, use accompanying photos. People tend to react positively when they see human faces, and this tactic will make your testimonials appear even more believable.

Next, place them across your entire website. Testimonials lose their power when they’re all grouped together on one page. They are particularly powerful when placed close to where customers will make a purchase, such as in a call-to-action box.

Expand your testimonials into case studies

It’s a fact that we’re more likely to trust the opinions and recommendations of our peers than those spruiked in ads. By introducing case studies to your website, you’re convincing your prospects that people just like them have had a positive experience with your business. Case studies are often longer and more in-depth than testimonials, which also gives them an air of added authority. Include a section on your website where you showcase the success stories of some of your customers, and don’t forget to include a photo (if possible), and a name.

Show off stand-out social media posts

It seems so obvious, doesn’t it? You can find fantastic examples of social proof right in your very own social media communities. You just have to hunt them down and then show them off on your website by embedding them. Find a third-party tool that tracks mentions of your company or product, and embed the posts that you feel strongly reflect a positive aspect of your business. Once embedded, visitors can share, like or re-tweet your post, and spread the love even further. Adding regular blogs onto your website not only helps SEO by giving Google fresh content to look at, you can also share it on social media channels.

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