How to Rank on YouTube: The Recipe for A Great Video – Part 2

This is Part 2 of this blog – to view Part 1 click here.

3. Length Logistics

An aspect of video production that is slightly confusing is the appropriate length for a video. It is common belief that videos of a shorter length perform better across social media channels. As YouTube Creators state, “Your channel must have had 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months & 1,000 subscribers before your application to join the YouTube Partner Programme can be reviewed.”
For that reason, it is vital to structure a timeline (of sorts) for your video. Look at what the optimum length is for videos of your nature and ensure that throughout the video you aren’t rambling for too long on a point or dragging out points longer than necessary. For those who want a clear cut guideline, the average length of online content according to reports is 4.4 minutes – so shorter videos tend to rule on YouTube.

4. Quality Control

The main element of video that dictates how well it performs is the overall quality of the video. Editing is not an easy task, and one-shot wonders are virtually impossible to get right. For that reason, it may be worth growing your knowledge on video editing. This includes all elements of the video, and how it pieces together in the scheme of your timeline. This also looks at the quality you will deliver your video in, from general to HD. Will you have an introduction slotted in, or just an end card promoting your other videos and platforms?

If you believe the quality of your video is low, it may be worth reshooting. Ask those close to you for advice before you upload to get a broader opinion base to work off. Strive to deliver a video that you yourself would be happy to watch, and proud to claim as your own.

Overall, there are various ingredients that go into the recipe for your video. Developing this will not only help you to create better content but will ultimately help your channel perform and grow over the years. From there, it’s all about optimisation!