How to Rank on YouTube: The Recipe for A Great Video – Part 1

Becoming a YouTube sensation looks more and more appealing as the rise of social media stars continues. People across the world started making videos at home as a hobby, and for many, it quickly escalated into a full-time career.

Now, people everywhere are trying their hand at this “YouTube thing”. However, when it comes to creating the perfect formula to achieve the same results as the platform’s celebrities it remains unbeknownst to the average consumer.

What makes a good, clickable video? What did these people do to perform so highly on a video-based platform (and earn the big bucks for it, too)?

1. The Right Equipment

One of the major things about video production is that there tends to be a lot of unseen equipment that goes into the making of each video. From cameras, to tripods, lighting boxes and lapel mics, a good video is identified firstly by the production quality.

Now, we aren’t saying you need to strive for cinematic excellence by yourself, but it is worth it (if you have the finance) to get the right equipment behind you for the making of your video. Watch a few videos that are on the platform, and in a similar genre to what you would be targeting and see how their videos are made. Oftentimes, if they are larger channels they will have the equipment used listed in the description of their videos, so take a little look to see what they themselves use.

2. Clear Concept

Before you click ‘purchase’ on that online camera shop, make sure you outline exactly what your channel is going to deliver. Are you doing more social topics, or are you planning on taking an educational approach? Will you vlog every single day, or upload once a week?

Identifying exactly what it is you will do on the platform will greatly help you deliver a clear and concise message throughout your videos. The clearer the concept is for you, the easier it will be for your audience to digest.

Sit down and plan out the first month of your videos – from subjects, to scripting, any imagery you would like to include and cross promotion across various other channels.

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