How to Streamline Your Franchise’s Digital Marketing Strategy

Franchises can be a lucrative business model, but there are a lot of challenges when it comes to digital marketing. It all comes down to who’s in control. If franchisers run the whole show, they can find it difficult to penetrate local audiences. On the other hand, if franchisees take control of their own marketing, there’s a risk of them going off brand-voice, which can potentially lead to a PR nightmare for the whole franchise.

In this blog, we cover some of the key strategies you can put in place as a franchiser to ensure your goals are the same and you make the most out of your digital marketing strategy.

Set Clear Social Media Goals

How you plan to organise your social media pages can make a huge impact on your overall marketing strategy. Will your franchisees have individual pages? If so, will they be responsible for their own posts, advertisements and community management, or will you take full control?

Whether you let the franchisee manage some of the responsibility, or all of it, it’s important that you set clear social media goals. What KPIs and metrics are you wanting to monitor? Make sure your strategy is aligned. It’s also important that you follow the same crisis management for any customer complaints.

Segment Email Marketing

If an offer is for the whole business, then the franchiser should take full control of the email marketing. If it’s exclusive to a local franchisee, then it could be done in collaboration with the franchiser and the franchisee. Most importantly, email marketing lists should be segmented to ensure you can tailor your targeting depending on the offer.

Write Unique Content

Whether it’s blogs, content for your website or even social media posts, it can be refreshing to let your franchisee’s individual voice come out. Customers show loyalty to their local franchise, so playing on that can be beneficial; however, it’s also important to that any content either follows a strict approval process or follows mapped out brand guidelines. This will ensure your digital marketing strategy is in-line with the overall business objectives and help to prevent any fragmenting of that message.

Have One PPC Strategy

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is one aspect of digital marketing that the franchiser should take full control over, no matter if it’s your Google Adwords, Facebook, Instagram or paid advertising campaigns. This is simply because if you let individual franchisees control their campaigns this could lead to accidentally competing against each other for online ad space. By having the franchiser running PPC, setting up individual local campaigns and having an eye on the overall picture, this will ensure the strategy stays aligned and is the most effective.

Keep Your Franchisees In The Loop

Ultimately, whether you choose to run everything or share the load with your franchisees, the most important factor is ensuring your franchisee owners and managers are involved. Make sure they’re aware of the strategies in place and you’re working together to achieve and implement your ideal business objectives.

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