How to Support Traditional Advertising with Online Marketing

If you have a new product or service that no one knows about or are involved in passive branding, traditional ‘push’ forms of advertising (such as TV, radio and print ads) can be very effective. They are great for ‘pushing’ your message and brand out there, but they have their draw-backs. Digital marketing can help to support those methods and increase your return on investment. Here’s how!

The challenge with traditional advertising

Radio, television and printed ads can be extremely costly. They need ‘reach and frequency’ to get the message across, and a lot of it. The challenge is that while you’re driving in the car listening to the radio, or drive past a billboard, or throw out a newspaper, or watch TV while you’re cooking – you forget things. It’s not your fault, we all do it. We think ‘that’s a great idea’ or ‘I need that’, but when it comes to searching for it we’ve forgotten the exact name or brand. This is where online marketing steps in to help.

Why you need to utilise digital channels in the buying-cycle

We’ve talked about micro moments before, but the first thing people do when they need to want something is to pick-up their phone or mobile device and perform a search. If they can’t remember your brand or product name and you’re not at the top of Google for relevant searches, you could be giving your hard-earned potential customers to your competition!

Which online streams can help?


Google AdWords should be used to ensure your website comes up for relevant search queries. For example, if Results First put out a TV commercial with an emphasis on the line ‘get me on page 1’, viewers may remember that hook but not the name ‘Results First’. We would need to ensure that we come up in position 1 for that and similar phrases to capture that traffic.

Google Display

Having Display ads come up across the Google networks is fantastic for increasing your reach and frequency. Why not support your traditional advertising with Display and get your brand or message in front of the same audience even more often? It’s also much cheaper than TV and radio.

YouTube Advertising

If you’ve paid good money to create a television commercial, why not use it on Youtube Ads also? Get even more reach and frequency on Youtube while your potential customers are on the train or browsing on their lunch break. The great thing is that if they ‘skip’, you don’t pay for the view.


Google and Facebook Remarketing can help improve your return on investment by showing banner ads to user that have been to your website. You’ve gone to the effort of driving potential customers to your website already via the push marketing, so make the most of it by reminding them of your product or brand while they keep surfing online.

Conversion Optimisation

Like with remarketing, CRO can help to maximise the traffic once it’s already been pushed to your website. Make sure there’s great user-experience and sales flow to improve your ROI.

If you’d like us to help you put a strategy in place to maximise your traditional advertising efforts, get in touch with us today. We’re always here to help and love putting tactical plans in place.