Track ROI and Increase Sales with Call Tracking

Every company wants to succeed in their market. To make that happen, it is essential to employ online (and even sometimes offline!) marketing campaigns and strategies. However measuring the performance of those campaigns is just as important to make sure you’re making the most of your budget. One of the great things about utilising online advertising streams is that you can track traffic, leads and conversions. To take this one step further, you can also track phone calls with call tracking!

Have you ever found yourself in the situation that you’re getting phone calls and aren’t sure exactly where they’re coming from? Call tracking can give you more transparent data on which platforms are working better for your business or even which keywords!

Or have you ever found yourself in the position that you’re getting phone calls, but the leads aren’t converting into sales? Phone tracking is for you!

We know that phone leads are usually very important to a business because the user has searched for a relevant phrase then picked up the phone to engage with you about it. Telephone tracking dynamically show a user a different phone number for the streams that you’re tracking. For example, if a user clicks on an Adwords Ad they will be displayed a dynamic 0800 number for tracking. While each campaign can have its own phone number, all of them bring the call to the same call centre. All calls are tracked and recorded – giving you insight and transparency into where leads have come from, the quality of the lead and additionally how the lead was handled internally as you can listen to the call recording.

call tracking & recording nz

There is a lot of useful data that a business owner or operator can receive from call tracking; including important data and figures in reporting to help you make more informed decisions about where to invest your marketing budget. Some of the features of the reporting include:

  • The duration of calls
  • The date, time and geographic location that the call was made from
  • Conversion data – which keywords were typed into a search engine by the potential customer
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Call recording
  • Missed call service

The benefits of call recording are endless! But some of the main ones are:

  • Call recording allows you to improve business and sales processes because you can coach staff on call structure and look at ways to improve customer service
  • Obtain greater insight into how your online marketing campaigns are tracking and how successful they are, making it easier for you to allocate spend into the more profitable areas
  • Ensure you never miss a lead with missed call emails

So what are you waiting for? Contact Results First for more information and get phone tracking today in NZ!