Instagram Ads Have Arrived!

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The social media platform and picture sharing mega tool, Instagram, has finally opened up advertising for all due to rising pressure from investors. With over 400 million active users, this is music to the ears of both small and large businesses alike. Previously unofficially capitalised on by companies through cross marketing and product placement, the move was long overdue. Like with all new advertising opportunities, Instagram’s move to open the gates leaves companies unfamiliar with the platform with many unanswered questions. In this post we’ll attempt to answer these questions and shed some light on how companies can best optimise their Instagram advertising to bare the greatest results.

Instagram provides businesses with a unique opportunity to target their ads to their specific audience using data correlated by Facebook. For those who already have a Facebook advertising account, the good news is, you’ll be able to set up your Instagram campaign through Facebook’s Power Editor. Much like Facebook advertising you’ll be able to set goals based on views, clicks, installs and likes. Additionally, you are also able to tailor your campaign to suit your specific audience and their unique set of needs, allowing you to construct a highly effective campaign that drives your brand forward to success.

So with businesses everywhere jumping on the band wagon what’s the best way for your brand to stand out amongst competitors? When it comes to Instagram it’s important to remember that users utilise the platform to express themselves and to draw inspiration from others, therefore, you can assume that the best type of content is high quality images that engage users and spark interest. Furthermore, business should engage with users through comments and competitions, as is true with other social platforms, campaigns that encourage interaction between brands and consumers are more successful than run-of-the-mill ads that offer little more than a visually pleasing tile. Give a little extra to get a little extra. Simple.

Keep in mind tone, objective and how these align with your targeted audience. The freshness of this feature means the risk of falling into to the aggressive salesman zone is all too real and with Instagram users able to hide your brand’s ads, this can be hugely detrimental. If your brand can balance audience needs with your brand’s agenda you’ll be able construct a highly effective Instagram campaign. This largely relies on your brand’s ability to keep one finger on the pulse of your demographic at all times. Master this though, and the results for your company will be vast and grand.

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So, with 400 million users and endless possibilities, when does your brand’s Instagram campaign hit the feeds of users world-wide?