Utilising strategic responsive landing pages in pay-per-click can be vital for capturing leads and increasing conversion rates. Let the Results First team show you how!

Why Are Responsive Landing Pages So Important?

In the complex online sales process, a person may go through many steps before they become a paying customer. It becomes important to tap into customer intentions at every stage in the funnel, and develop a sales system that really works.

A ‘landing page’ is essentially a page that is setup specifically with one main purpose: to capture a lead. Marketers often send traffic from pay-per-click services to this landing page where there is one main call to action. Because it’s only one page, a user can’t get lost or detracted and it’s very easy for them to see the main action that you would like them to take.

Landing pages are also used to give a user specific content related to the search phrase that they have used. For example, if you’re a plumber that offers not only plumbing services but also gas-fitting and gutter cleaning, we would direct the specific traffic related to those areas to three different landing pages instead of one generic page for maximum results.

Ensuring that it’s ‘responsive’ is also vital as your potential clients or customers will be using multiple devices, so the page needs to fit to all screens.

At Results First, we understand the importance of developing a strategic integrated marketing campaign that appeals to audiences along every step of the sales journey. We will split-test not only where the traffic is sent, but also variants of the landing page to try and keep the conversion rate increasing.

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We design conversion-ready landing pages, which link perfectly with your strategic paid search campaign or social media advertisements. Each will be optimised with pinpoint precision, to deliver you the results you deserve from a strategic campaign.

Our conversion teams are able to develop sales landing pages that tap into key stages in your business’s unique sales funnel – including emails and social – to capture audience attention at moments when they are ready to buy. Using a careful blend of compelling user experience, call to actions and attention-grabbing copy, we’ll develop conversion pages that deliver results.


Results First are results first

Our landing page designers are at the top of their field, ready to design attractive pages, which suit the look and feel of your own brand. With tactical insight, each landing page design is carefully crafted to turn heads. Speak to our experts to find out more about optimising your campaign to create an efficient sales funnel. Based in New Zealand, we are able to develop locally optimised campaigns that speak to your target consumers.


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