LinkedIn Ads – A Great Way of Advertising for B2B

A couple of weeks ago we talked about gated content, and a great platform for pushing gated content is through LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a social net-working website for corporates. Unlike Facebook and Twitter which are used mainly for social friends and celebrity, LinkedIn helps it’s user network and promote themselves on a professional level. Because users enter their job title, educational details and the Company that they work for, businesses that are B2B can harness those insights. In this blog we will talk about 3 different types of LinkedIn Advertising that is available: Sponsored Content, Sponsored InMail and Text Ads.

Sponsored Content

LinkedIn Sponsored Content Ads appear in users feeds, see an example below.

linkedin sponsored content

This is a great way to promote gated content. You can sponsor an update that you’ve published on your Company Page. From there, choose your target audient, set the bid and campaign budget and that’s it! According to LinkedIn, Sponsored Content gets 15 times the interaction that job posting receive.

Sponsored InMail

Sponsored InMail allows you to deliver personalised messages to your target audience via LinkedIn messenger. This means that you can get in-front of decision makers at a large scale. Pricing is set per recipient and the cost depends on the audience. More information in the video below.

Text Ads

These are the ads that appear on the right-hand side and are probably the most well-known. According to the social sharing network; they are the, ‘fastest way to get your business
in front of the world’s largest professional network.’ You can fine-tune your audience and the ads appear passively so it’s a good form of ‘push’ marketing your brand, service or product to a highly relevant B2B audience.

linkedin text ads

If you’re business operates B2B then the above forms of online marketing might be a really good way for you to generate leads, add to your database or promote your brand. If you’d like more information or advice, give us a call!