MailChimp & Facebook – A Marriage Made in Digital Heaven

Earlier this year we wrote a blog on Facebook Remarketing and it’s benefits. Now marketers, webmasters and business owners can take this to the ‘nek level’ with Facebook and Mail Chimp finally rolling-out an integration! But before you say ‘I do’, what is it all about?

What’s the skinny?

MailChimp are calling this the ‘addition to help you sell more stuff’. Essentially, you can still use the platform for everything you used to be able (create and send email marketing campaigns etc) but with the additional ability to be able to design and run Facebook Ads! So the interface is still the same, with Facebook Ad functionality added which allows you to create single-image or the newer carousel ads. There’s also in-app image editing tools and the powerful targeting options we’ve come to know and love from Facebook.

These ads can then be displayed to users already in your database, users similar to them (look-alike audiences) or entirely new groups based on interests. From there, the platform has in-depth reporting allowing you to ‘learn, refine and optimise’ your campaigns.

Lastly, there’s no additional fees for using the integration! You will still need to pay for the clicks that your Facebook Ads receive however like any PPC service.

Who should be taking advantage of this?

If you have a database that you’ve collected, this MailChimp/ Facebook marriage is a great way to take advantage of the contacts that you’ve gained. You can use that list not only to market to the people that have signed up to receive information from you, but also other people like them. This will help to get even more reach and frequency for your brand, product, service, message or offering.

It’s especially good for Ecommerce

MailChimp also integrates with the major Ecommerce platforms (Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento and Big Commerce to name a few) to provide even more insight into how your marketing is going. There is in-depth and easy-to-understand reporting to help you track your ROI – how many items you’ve sold and how many new customers you have gained.

But wait, if you’re willing to pay a little you can get a big return

There are paid features which allow Ecommerce webmasters to automate helpful product follow-ups, create ‘abandon cart workflows’, predict demographics and recommend products that your customers will love.

Get Started on the Honeymoon Period!

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