Online Marketing for the Holiday Season

tips for online marketing at xmas

Halloween has come and gone and the holiday trading period is edging closer and closer! It is time to prepare your business and online marketing streams to ensure that you’re maximising exposure for this holiday season. Below are our top tips to make the most of this busy time!

We use our smartphones for everything, even to shop or find a shop. Having a mobile-friendly website is going to help your customer to find you and buy your products online. Make sure it’s easy to do business with you when someone is searching on their mobile device. Always check that your contact/ booking/ enquiry forms or shopping cart experience is working and seamless on mobiles!

Get strategic with your email marketing. Create different demographic groups out of your database and send them products/ specials/ deals that will appeal to them. For more information on employing an effective EDM campaign click here.

Social Media can help businesses get offers and deals out there to their online community of followers. People tend to ‘like’ on social media what they find interesting for Christmas; such as places to go, gifts to buy or services that they are going to need during this time. Social media you can target your customer, promote your brand and product/service or even give them ideas on what to do or buy for Christmas. Having an ad or a campaign on Facebook, Instagram, Google+ or Pinterest can really help you to grow your business for this time of the year. For our social media checklist click here!

Paid ads are one of the best ways to get additional traffic to your website. Because Ads can be turned off and on, you can target seasonal phrases more easily than with organic rankings which take time. One of the great things about Adwords is that you can include buzz words, specials and countdowns in your ad copy to get attention to drive relevant traffic to your site. Facebook Ads are great for getting your products in-front of your target audience also.

It is common that during December shops trade for longer hours than usual, and your customer needs to know that. When you Google a business, Google shows whether the business is open or not, so it is important to keep these information update during this atypical month to bring your customers for you during these new hours. Search Engine Land posted some instructions to do this here.

You may have noticed a box pop-up on the bottom right-hand side of our website? Sometimes when we are shopping at a store or looking for a service provider we have questions and the retail sales people are usually there to assist us with that, so why would that be different when it comes to online shopping? Having a live chat on your webpage will help your prospective customers or clients to engage with you while they’re on your website. There are plugins that you can use for this, or third party applications. Give us a yell for more information.

Last but not least, it is crucial to review your SEO strategy to future-proof your business for next year. If you are an online merchant – click here for more information on SEO for online stores.
If you do not have a SEO strategy or the basics in place, it is even more crucial to start looking at this now.

Results First helps NZ businesses grow online, and that means helping you to make the most of the holidays. Give us a call today!