Use Paid Search Channels to Drive Foot Traffic In-Store

drive traffic in store from online

Earlier this week we looked at some ‘buzz terms’ for 2016 and one of those Terms was ‘Omnichannel Retailing’. Christmas and the Holiday Season is one of the best times of the year to put this into practice, so why not use a ‘Multichannel Retailing’ approach and utilise paid search methods to drive customer’s in-store?

Why would I want to drive customers to visit our retail store instead of simply buying online?

Great question! Customers should be able to buy online quickly and easily however sometimes there are a couple of reasons as to why they would prefer to go in store. According to, nearly 40% of consumers still prefer to visit a physical store.

For example:

  • Let’s face it, Kiwis love a last-minute shop. Those last minute shoppers may not leave enough time for delivery (which can be especially long during this busy time)
  • Additionally some customers may not want to pay for shipping if they can quickly come and pick it up
  • Sometimes shoppers just want to see/ touch something before they hand over their hard-earned

Another advantage to getting them to come instore and not buy online is that you can get them involved in your brand, dazzle them with your customer service and of course upsell – all things that are harder to portray digitally.

So that’s why, how do I do it? By ensuring that we’re showing them ads that lead them to a store in their close proximity, that’s how! It’s all about leveraging off knowing their geography and their intent. There are 3 main areas that we will concentrate on here: geography, search phrases and website features.

When using paid search (like Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook etc) you have the ability to target ad sets within a specific radius of your store. This means that you can serve specific ads with a valuable offer to only people that can get to your store to redeem the offer, minimising click spend wastage.

Now that we’ve established the importance of geography, we can look at the phrases that potential customers will be searching for that should give an indication that they will want to go in-store. reported early this year that ‘near me’ related had increased by 34% since 2011. Queries with ‘shop’ or ‘store’.

For example, if a searcher’s query is, ‘mens formal clothing shop near me’ the chances are that they’re looking to visit an actual store.

Always ensure the below are clear on your website to promote to customers visiting your retail location:

  • Store Locations and Holiday Opening Hours
  • ‘Click and Collect’ options and details (allows customers to finalise purchase online the pick-up in store)
  • List product availability in store on product pages

The Warehouse do these things well:

warehouse project page

Make sure you maximise your digital marketing coming up to the Holiday Season. Utilising omnichannel retailing in an effective way is a great way of doing this if you have physical locations and an online shopfront. Need help? Hit us up on 0800 878 833!